705 and 710 forced to accept contract.

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    Everybody wears hoodies here, on the outside lol. What is this language?
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    “Defined protections for 25.13 Combination Drivers and Regular Package Car Drivers as a result of the new classification”

    How this isn’t in every supplement or the National Master is beyond me.
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    Yea I’m curious to hear what all is included in that.
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    What is 25.13?
  5. It's not the same job. Come on. Theyd call the new job 22.3 as well.
    Not only that, never mind. This is such a worn out dirge.
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    This was in last contract, 25.13 is the new hybrid position, 25.11 is original combo
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    Can I wear this?

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    I believe you are....or were???
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    I'm a little gray in that area.
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  10. As a helper off the street? Sure can. Just dont throw the pkg in front of the camera, over the fence, take a leak in the yard, or flip off the camera.
    Everything else is a method until the second full week of January ends.
  11. At the outside concert:

    Moody Blues, Deep Purple, Cream, and Mark Farner.
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    Jesus! You don't know?

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    Moody Blues with a full orchestra is awesome.
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    How about this one then?

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  15. Just leave the oboe player back stage.
    They're never in tune. Sounds like a duck with a hernia.
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    Section d is for strike votes. Section a states an offer must be considered final before being put to a vote. Section b outlines procedures for renegotiating after a final offer is voted down. If a final offer is renegotiated, it is no longer a final offer, hence the "final offer or not" statement.

    Section d outlines the procedure for a strike authorization vote. If a separate vote is not conducted, the members can authorize a strike by voting down a final offer in accordance with the 50% - 2/3 rule. Without a strike authorization, the negotiators have little leverage in getting the company back to the table, so they would then be required to accept the offer as is, or with whatever changes they can get the company to agree to. We authorized a strike, so we either renegotiate in accordance with section b, or we strike. The negotiating committee had no authority to impose the contract. That's my stance on it, and it is supported by the language in the Article XII of the constitution in its entirety, not from just cherry picking the sections that fit any particular agenda.
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    I agree that we need to at least maintain and possibly expand.

    One of the problems is that in most areas, this full-time job may be a split shift. Morning preload and evening reload.

    My point still stands. Some of these part-timers that say they want a full-time job but don't want to drive.

    Most of them, if any of them, wouldn't get any of these 22.3 jobs anyway.
  18. BakerMayfield2018

    BakerMayfield2018 Fight the power.

    You want a full time job or u don’t. These guys that are 2 scared to go driving piss me off. Yeah it’s not easy. But you want big boy pay, take the big boy job. Period.
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  19. Mugarolla

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    You are inferring what you thing the Constitution says.

    It says nothing about Section d) only implying to strike votes.

    While it does apply to strike votes, it also applies to agreement ratification votes, hence the word "and"

    to conduct agreement ratification votes and strike votes
  20. 710 steward

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    You are correct. These guys will gladly drive bulk for top scale. Just not 100 stops.