804 votes no on both

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  1. Karma is a bitch

    Karma is a bitch Be careful what you say

    Its a NO vote on both international and local 804 supplement. From local 804 members
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    Local 804 members voted down the national contract 1594-618. Members turned down the Local 804 Supplement by a vote of 1380-844. (62% to 38%)

    Teamsters Local 804
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    804brown is 1380 to 844 is close
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    Amazing. The local sends out a survey to the members. We all fill them out. We ask for a nice pension increase...OUR UNION GETS US THAT!! We ask for more full time jobs...OUR UNION GETS US THAT!! We ask for more summer vacations since the younger guys never get any summer weeks...OUR UNION GETS US THAT!! We ask that they fix the redcution of staff language(4.5 hrs guarantee)...OUR UNION GETS US THAT (now we are guaranteed 8 hrs)!! We tell them the grievance procedure sucks...OUR UNION FIXES THAT TOO!! Seems like a no brainer: vote yes, right?? No concessions like last 2 contracts that the old board pushed on us!! Brothers and sisters, these are very cynical times!! Cynicism and a large dose of lies and misinformation from certain members trying to play politics with our contract. Yes the ones who had NO BALLS to say who they were while pushing their cynical no vote campaign. How they lied to uninformed part timers about who is responsible for the health care changes and the low raises. How they lied about "part time drivers" when in truth the only way to get us more summer vacation time was to have willing union part timers work as Vacation cover drivers. It wasnt some ups conspiracy to screw us out of OT. It was quite simple: 4 more vacation picks = 4 VCDs. But to these cynical, gutless few, the FACTS DONT MATTER!! Once you start throwing around terms like "part time drivers" and " the pension increase isnt real"-a lie and "tim and jim voted for hoffa's contract"-another lie....FACTS DONT MATTER!!And when members are used to its leaders lying to us (think redmond and co), it takes a helluva lot to overcome it. Even a $400 /month increase in the pension wont do it!! Not 100 FULL TIME JOBS!! Not more summer vacation weeks...NOTHING.
    Well, the membership obviously has spoken. Now that the confusion over No on the national but YES on the supplemental is over, I hope that some realistic commonsense returns to this local. We finally have a hard working group of guys who put in lots of hours for this supplemental. Not a bunch of old guard leaders we used to have who tried to give away 25 and out as well as coffee for new hires. Not a bunch of hoffa ass kissers who endorsed EVERYTHING hoffa handed them!! Our guys did a ballsy thing in endorsing pope. Redmond and co turned their backs on ron carey and endorsed hoffa. Redmond sold us a concessionary supplement in 2002 and 2007..ALL GIVE BACKS!! Sylvester and co gets us stuff without selling us out. Oh the sky is falling now election day can be a floating holiday. Vote no!! VCDs so we can have more time off in the heat of summer...VOTE NO!! Grievance procedure has been expedited..vote no now they can fire you faster!!
    I guess I should have seen this coming. For the past couple of years the union has been saying how much money ups has made. They had created a scenario where we were gonna get ALL that we deserve in this one contract. Yes, after the last 2 concessionary contracts, THIS ONE was gonna be our REVENGE!! No dealing, just tell ups we want HUGE raises, a HUGE increase in our pensions, A BILLION new full time jobs, MORE summer vacations (and i guess let the on car sups cover the vacations), FIX that 4.5 layoff language too, etc. Reality check people: this is why they call it N E G O T I A T I O N S. You give and take. Grante last time we ONLY GAVE BACK and had nothing positive to show for it. But THIS ISNT LAST TIME FOLKS!! We won major concessions FROM ups this time!!
    Congratulations rank and file of local 804. You just turned down a real good supplement but are bit too cynical to realize it. You allowed some of the old guard to stop us from moving forward and making needed changes to our contract AS WELL AS STOPPING A NICE PENSION INCREASE . You allowed some of the old guard to play politics with our future.

    To wrap up, I sort of had a feeling it was going down when a few weeks ago I spoke to another driver about the contract. He said he was voting no on both. I went threw all the good things in our supplement and all the weak things in the national contract. He responds: "Yeah I know that pension boost looks great and all and now I can F -ing get some summer vacation next year but screw them all, THEY CAN DO BETTER send them both back to the table. We got til august." In other words, this guy liked the supplement even liked tim, but he truly thought he deserved better EVEN THOUGH WHEN I PUSHED HIM ON IT HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT EXACTLY HE WANTED MORE!!
    Again, i think the board negotiated a strong contract. Ron Carey be proud. But after they stop pulling their hair ou,t they will have to find a way to satisfy a large group of our local who feels exactly like this guy i spoke to who is MAD AS HELL BUT HE DOESNT KNOW WHY!!
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    ups has treated people like dogs the last few years..trying to fire people left and right for things that are marginal at best....people don't forget the harassment, ojs, micromanagement, etc....thats why people are mad about things and the ones that were on the fence about the contract jumped on the no side.
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    The supplement S U C K E D !!!!!!!! The members of local 804 can not be fooled. No supplement will pass with part time package car drivers, giving up election day (in any shape or form)They need to start over from the beginning.
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    Local 61 is a small local but we voted down both
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    Very simple 804...WE the Union aren't willing to sell out full time work for a week off in summer...this will lead to UPS abuse...If u think it wont you are in management...From my understanding the pension increase still has to be voted on by a board and is not guaranteed regardless of a yes vote(Im not 100% on this)...but if its not clear I have to vote no...but the real concern is the part timers doing full time work...if this is out of the supplement and a couple of other things are tweaked it would probably pass...
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    One thing that can be construed as controversial is the VCDs. Fine. if they take that off the table, then the extra vacation weeks go too i guess. I got over 25 years, i get plenty of summer vacation but i thought it was a good arrangement to expand the number of drivers out during the summer. As for election day, ONCE AGAIN it is still there for all who want to work it and still get triple time. So stop the lies.
  11. My local did its thing. Local 623!!!! No
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    CONGRATS TO BOTH 804 and 623 for their courage and unity.

    While, in other times, I have been at odds with some 804 members, on this issue I can assure you, We are on the same page.

    The TA is clinging on to a measly 2000 vote lead going into tomorrows bloodbath and both your locals have led the way!

    Stay together, have each others backs and we will have yours!

    congrats again!


  13. Karma is a bitch

    Karma is a bitch Be careful what you say

    That 8hr guarantee is not at their regular rate. Its at $5.00 he less. No partimers doing full-time work
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    After hauling in almost $4.5 billion in profits last year, UPS management has reaped another windfall: contract givebacks. - See more at: Teamster Power Sidelined | Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    The Local 804 Executive Board and Rank-and-File Bargaining Committee unanimously support a Yes Vote on the Local 804 Supplement.


    They have to go they claim to be TDU they are a Fraud !!!!
    You too 804 brown
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    My question is: WHO ARE THE 618 MEMBERS OF OUR LOCAL WHO ACTUALLY VOTE YES ON THE NATIONAL!! No one, I mean no one said they were voting for the national. Im getting a feeling that many members were really confused on this. Explaining things about the contract at ONE union meeting is good but certainly NOT ADEQUATE enough to pass this supplement. Members are not that clued in to what is going on. They are too busy or apathetic.
    Yet even 618 of THIS LOCAL actually voted yes on this weak national contract. I find that incredible. I will bet that if the board put the SAME supplement out for a re vote AFTER the national is settled and AFTER A REAL GET OUT THE VOTE CAMPAIGN, the supplement WOULD PASS. Probably wont happen because of the lack of time with an August 1st deadline.
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    that's actually a very good question...I wonder who the 618 were....I voted no.
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    This was a revenge vote. UPS has abused its workforce for too long. It will be tough to get any supplement ratified.
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    That's why you have secret ballot elections ... so thugs cannot intimidate others in their voting.