9.5 Language New Contract

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  1. They have a separate contract and I'm sure he could file
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    Das what’s up playa. Preach
  3. They have a new agreement, the rest of us do not
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    I’d be shocked if the grievance is automatic. Getting on the list and filing are two separate actions. You must file the grievance when violated, to get paid. Being on the list has nothing to do with filing the grievance, other than you must be on it, to file.

    Lol. If the grievance was automatic, this company would be hemmoraging money. They count on drivers being to scared to file for that free money. That’s why I said if you get on the list, you must file. I’ve always said if you get on the list and you don’t file, it’s almost as bad as not being on the list at all. Because when they violate you and you don’t file, they know you’re a pu55y. And if you think they don’t talk about stuff like that at 7:30am during the preload in thir little air conditioned offices, you’re clueless. Hey did you see how bad we jammed John last week, and he didn’t even file. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha
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    do they wear browns?
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    The management will do whatever the members, stewards, and BA's let them get away with.
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    True.... to an extent.

    The members and Stewards are the "boots on the ground" being the first

    line of defense, with enforcing the contract.
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    If your center has 22.4s everyone including swing drivers will be able to 9.5. If you dont get 22.4s then you need to have a bid route.
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    I would hate for you to think that this website never has any information. I know how that upsets you. So here is some for you.

    That is not exactly true. There are 3 ways you can get on the 9.5 list.
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    Everyone on the 9.5 list rule only applys in centers that use 22.4 or whatever those part time combo drivers are called.
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    Everyone will be 9.5 unless you opt out. There was a lot of confusion about it. Not just cover drivers either. If
    That's for centers that won't get 22.4s. If you have 22.4s in your building every single rpcd will be eligeable for 9.5 protection.
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    But what about cover drivers doing routes that the bid driver is on the 9.5 list... when the cover is on it, it goes out with 20-30 more stops and they still call it a 9.5 planned day LOL
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    You said "if you don't get 22.4s you have to have a bid route." I was correcting your mistake.

    Also not everyone will be 9.5 unless you opt out.

    The union will circulate a list that you can sign to opt in twice a year.