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  1. 2 hrs over allowed

    2 hrs over allowed Upstate follower

    Should they be paying for my time bonus in my 9 5 violation grievance?
  2. wide load

    wide load Brown Cafe Sales Team

    Time bonus is in liew of paid break time. They must include that time for calculating your 95 pay. how would they even justify it not being included?
  3. Future

    Future Hi

    Jesus work what they give ya....go on 9.5 list if ya choose .....you go over 3 days file ...simple
  4. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Numbers not recognized by union, plain and simple.
  5. wide load

    wide load Brown Cafe Sales Team

    You obviously don't know what we are talking about. We the union do recognizes numbers when it comes to your paycheck.
    A time bonus is an additional 2 ten minute breaks added to your pay instead of taking them on road when you work over 10 hours. It is calculated at 1.5x your hourly wage and you most certainly include it in your 9.5 grievances.
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  6. upschuck

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    Don't have that here, I was thinking he meant bonus for running under, which coming from him, I gave him a funny.
  7. wide load

    wide load Brown Cafe Sales Team

    I agree with you though that the only paid over I worry about is getting into another tax bracket. Lol