90 Days Attendance for a transfer

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    Hey guys, this is my very first time posting on this forum and I have a question. I've been with this company for 6 years working part time and I'm looking to transfer out of state. I've been told by my fellow co-workers that in order to transfer, I would need to maintain good attendance for at least 90 days. However, I had a recent family situation which had led me to miss a day of work. Would I have to restart my good attendence over again? Or am I able to continue on my 90 days? Thank you for reading this, any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Before people start giving advice. It would help to know what region you're in. Every area has different rules. People here are from all over the country.

    To be honest most places do not let you transfer and I've never heard of any good attendance language but I could be mistaken.
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    Sorry about that I'm from North Atlantic Distinct station in New York. Im interested in transfering to Maine. Im awared of the educational transfer UPS allows for part-time employees. Just afraid of my attendances being a issue or cause for concern for HR in the Maine location.
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    Most school transfers in my area took a while, one guy said it took him 6 months to transfer to a different building but this was in 2008 on a bad economy. I dont believe attendance was ever a qualifying factor to transfer but I'm sure they dont want a dead beat is what their trying to get at by mentioning the attendance thing.
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    No one here knows the answer.
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    I think you have a chance.

    NY and Maine ought to fall under the same region. The only successful transfers I have ever heard of were either A: done by a part time employee, or B: done by a full timer within the region.

    Get with HR, have them provide you with a transfer request from. Fill it out and submit it....
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    Witness protection program?
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    Remember you lose seniority, but you keep your pay rate, best way to register for classes is to do online courses if you can't physically register at the school if you're in a different state.