A FUBAR Peak, Thanks To Memphis

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Dec 22, 2012.

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    By now, it should be obvious that FedEx Express has blown peak, and all of the credit should go to our fearless leaders in Memphis, who made the decision to cut to the bone and beyond. The fact that there are many stations with thousands of DEX01's and extremely late packages points to an extreme failure of leadership, in fact, a Gross Failure of Leadership, a terminable offense.

    So, Dave, Fred, and Matt...do the right thing. Fire yourselves for being total idiots, and allow new, competent leadership to take control. Better yet, listen to the frontline employees who actually DO the job. You've proven over and over again that you are not worth what you are being paid. Even after a continuous series of bad decisions, you keep right on patting yourselves on the back and increasing your already bloated salaries. If you were baseball players, your batting average would be .125, and if you were in the NBA, you'd be averaging 2 points, 2 rebounds, and 0 assists for a full 48 minutes. And if you were in the NFL, you'd be scoring touchdowns for the other team. Yet you make top dollar, and promote each other to positions you do not deserve in the Memphis Mutual Admiration Society (MMAS).

    Besides enriching yourselves, you've created a loyal cadre' of pilots who also make big bucks, and an adoring base of political hacks who stumble all over themselves in the race to kiss Fred's rich ass. Sickening...

    So, while we work ourselves to a frazzle trying to undo your idiocy, you're still there, and still making bad decisions. In fact, as soon as peak is over, the war on Express employees will begin anew. No "OLCC Amnesty", no cheap food, and more BS excuses about how we aren't "productive" enough.

    Screw you, you miserable cheap bastards, and I hope your limos breakdown on the way to the fancy cocktail parties tonight.
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    I've been with the company over 11 years and, I can say without a doubt, this year brought back more Dex 1's than all the other peaks combined. It's interesting to see how much they've cut FT courier staff to the bare minimum and hired so many PT'ers only to see them cut and run after 3 or 4 hours on the clock. Earlier this week, one PT'er went out with 10 stops LOL. Said there was no one to watch the kid.....wow. I remember first starting out, courier buying their own flash lights so they could get more stops off after dark. Now it seems that the ones at the top don't really care about service and the sentiment has fallen down to the driver. Most guys stopped deliveries, once their first regular pup started.
    Wonder what next peak will be like when half the staff are PT'ers and they need bodies to stay all day?
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    Not enough trucks, not enough powerpads, no manpower, no bonus check and no food....This is not a good peak....I think its time for a Bloody Mary..
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    In my close to 30 years at FedEx as both a courier and a dispatcher, I have never seen a peak so poorly managed as this one. Usually we would be able to overcome most weather events, lack of equipment etc but that was before the front line employees were screwed over like thye were these past 3 or 4 years. There are very few left who will go that extra mile to save the day knowing there is nothing in it for them but more abuse.
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    Our station put a "green" PT'er on a nasty rte yesterday he had never run before. He is slow and not very organized to begin with, but he had over 100 stops including Fri, Sat and Mon stuff. I had to go help bail him out at around 1700. Still had Fri and Sat stops on board. we got those done. He was so toasted I told him to roll all his remaining Mondays and go home. Poor chump would have stayed out all night. He's got heart but not much smarts.... The reg driver of that rte also got shifted to a cold new rte.
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    See Fred & Co. thinks they can get all this work done on the cheap and therefore pocket the savings. Doesn't quite work that way as business will go over to UPS or the Post Office who can handle it. Disgruntled customers aren't gonna be very loyal especially at the inflated prices express charges coupled with pisspoor service. All Fred sees is $$$ signs and it's more than obvious this peak.

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    I'm sure good old Fred is thinking up ways he can turn Express into the Ground scam.
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    Nolimitz, why the hell whould they shift the regular driver to another rte? I'm just curious what lunacy made that a good idea.

    I didn't even attempt a Monday on Saturday. I still had Saturday and Friday Dex 1's. :surprised: