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    For those of you who think things are going to improve at Express...think again. Fred has already made it clear that he thinks we are overpaid. Upper management has firmly embraced the Ground-inspired ideal that anyone can deliver packages efficiently if given the proper tools (read DRA). They see it working at Ground, and figure it will also work at Express. To them, we are just units of production, and the units at Express make more than the units at Ground. To them, this is a logical disconnect because we "do the same thing".

    Without a union or ANY means of fighting-back short of resistance tactics like WAD and calling-in sick, there is little to nothing that can be done. Whatever idiotic dictate and/or policy they issue from MEM, we have to comply...or else. And that's just the way they like it in the Ivory Tower at Plantation HQ.

    I had a very senior Ops Manager confide in me the other day that "they are intentionally making the courier job as miserable as possible so they can get people to quit". BINGO!! In stations where volumes are up, it might not be as obvious, but in stations with low volumes where people are getting minimums? They want you gone. As R1a has said, they don't want anyone from the previous version of Express around to let the new people know how badly they are getting screwed. For example, they certainly don't want me telling the new hire that there is virtually zero chance of full-time, OT, that they will never reach top wage, or informing them about our superb "retirement plan". And because that's exactly what I DO tell them, they want me gone. That, and the fact that I'm topped-out.

    In another thread, I mentioned the heavy investment Fred has made in new vehicles and aircraft. This is in addition to DRA and all of it's associated problems. I don't care how efficient the vehicle and aircraft fleets are...Fred isn't going to be able to make it up AND also fulfill his Wall St. promises of profits and savings. Where will he get his money back? From you...that's where.

    Watch for lowered minimum pay, even more discipline and ridiculous demands for productivity, and further cuts to benefit programs and/or higher costs to the employee for same. This will happen...count on it.

    In the meantime, WAD and do whatever else you can to throw a wrench into the machinery. Fred's "success" will come at your expense, just as it always has. You need to realize this and take concrete action to stop him. That means a union, and even if you're still on full-strength Kool-Aid, even you will eventually figure this out.
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    it's working efficiently for the most part in HD, but not as well at Ground because of those pickup/delivery deadlines before the businesses close...

    Also, if we WAD or practice safe driving, we will lose out on our SPORH and hour hourly pay goes down...

    that's why some will not follow that "30 minute lunch break after 8 hours" rule & i already take "mini-breaks" during the day to scarf down some finger-food snack, switch my water bottle from my cooler, or relieve myself into a laundry detergent bottle

    you already know some will cheat the HOS times by inputting false start/end times, so that can be their Achilles Heel

    I saw the "writing on the wall" when i first joined this forum & was considering switching from green to orange, but after reading all that BS you have to deal with for almost similar pay (w/out bennies), i'll stay at team green a bit longer just because we aren't micro-managed throughout the day like you guys & gals are.

    i think it was a poor choice to go w/ those sprinters, sure they're saving on MPG, but the maintenance/parts of those Mercedes are substantially higher than the domestic GM/Ford vehicles... i did like them when one of the contractors first purchased the newer units (i never drove the 1st generation w/ the 5 cyl diesel engine)

    i now like the newer ford gas powered Utilimaster body stepvans that contractors are buying like hotcakes in my area.

    6-8 mpg though is what i'm getting out of these E450 chassis while i'm close to 8-9 mpg on a budget rental GMC boxvan
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    PS: area knowledge really does help to be more efficient, sometimes you just can't follow the "trace" of what the VRP (DRA for you) spits out...

    Knowledge wall.jpg

    i left notes on the wall for the next cover driver that will be doing my area next week... we need to have some sort of inputting special notes at the addresses so it'll just pop up when going to the same addresses for the future
    Knowledge wall.jpg
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    We do---it's called C-Pad.

    I have a list of all of the entry codes for my route taped to my bulkhead door.
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    Express can do it too with DRA. Otherwise usually our dispatchers have all the codes we'll need.
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    So the cover drivers have to call in and request an entry code?
  7. Mr. 7

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    No, it may be in "e-notes" on the power pad.
    Otherwise, CRR can text disp. on the PP and get the code. (hopefully)

    I have an apt. building on my rte that is secure. I enter a foyer and there's a board with everyone's name on it but, not their apt. num. I dial the 2 digit code and it rings in their apt. like a normal inbound phone call. A lot of times people purposefully don't answer their phones. You don't answer, I don't bug any of your neighbors (like I used to). I leave a door tag next to the bank of mail boxes and code it "Customer controlled access".
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    that's pretty nifty; we have the same motorolla scanners


    why won't HD apply the same software you guys are using?!?! maybe some drivers that are knuckle-draggers won't even touch this section of the scanner, but i'll be sure to use it!
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    I never buzz a neighbor if the recipient won't pick up their phone. I imagine how I would feel with a well deserved day off and while trying to sleep in I get a buzz waking me from a sound sleep so someone I don't even know can get their delivery. Why should their poor planning effect me and my personal time? No, Tag and go.
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    lol @ "DOG!" written on one of those doortags.
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    The way I understand it in e-notes on the express powerpad, each address has to have the gate code put in. So if you have a gated community with 150 homes in it, every address needs that code in e-notes. It might be in there for the addresses that get stuff on a normal basis, but when an odd one comes up, it won't pop up.
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    The dispatchers don't always have them. On the DWS dispatcher software there is a section called "route notebook" that is for such codes and special circumstances. It was ment to replace actual notebooks at the station. Doesn't work much better then the old system since drivers either don't know it exist or never tell the dispatched the info to enter onto it.
    Enotes has the same flaw. If the regular driver fails to enter or update the data, it won't be there for the swing driver. (A good idea if your swing driver is a jerk out to make the regular driver look bad.)
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    Luckily I only have a few complexes with secured access and the leasing office takes everything without complaint. Otherwise I would expect a 99% failure rate.