a victory for the "good ole boys"

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  1. well today we learned that the union can no longer save our jobs on the preload. The union steward showed us a lawsuit involving a jersey ups employee who was fired due to 10 misloads in a 3 week period. It went to arbitration and the judge let it stand. Bear in mind he (judge) was informed that:

    - the problem didn't exist or in this magnitude before PAS was implemented (we'd have days where the whole building didn't have a misload....those days are long gone)

    - that other people help you and load your trucks at the end of the day if you're behind (and you're pressured to let them help even if you don't want it precisely for this reason).

    - there is simply too many people handling the package and altering it (SPA people, DCAP people) before it gets to you

    We haven't had problems with this yet but our center manager is getting ready to hit the button, our preload manager does all he can for us (yes I am telling the truth) but after this, I don't think he'll be able to fend him off anymore.

    Plain and simple the problem is UPS' fault. Maybe this guy was a slacker before I don't know. All I know is all the loaders that are now in hot water at my center NEVER had such issues before PAS and the fact that they can fire you for a problem they created is asinine. I wonder how much UPS threw at that judge for the verdict. I'm kidding, but maybe only half so.

    If our center manager follows that precedent, he'd have to fire nearly EVERYONE that works in my hub on the preload shift....and still no one can connect the dots, no one can put together that we didn't have this problem before and now we do. Or they do but are just brainwashed enough to look the other way.

    I'm trying to get a copy of the lawsuit details and if is anyone is interested let me know.
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    I have a great Preloader, she has loaded my Car for the last seven years. I might have had one missort every three months, thats how good she is. We went on PAS/EDD a year ago, since then that is no longer the case. Originally, our Preloaders were trained to load by the SPA label only, didn't matter if the customer's label had an entirely different address. Miss count went through the roof, now they are to circle both addresses before loading, along with an extra Car to load too. Plus the Fact that two or three other Preloaders may load something in my car too, so there is no telling who loads a missort anymore. She has gotton where she won't sign any Writeups, I wouldn't either in this case. We have a large turnover all the time, now they seem happy if Preloaders just show up for work. I don't see people getting fired for ten Missorts, its too hard to replace them.
  3. Scratch I'd be inclined to agree, but this came from the Union not UPS so I don't think its a fake (not saying you said it was either).

    However our metro division manager doesn't see it that way. He's been on our preload manager to cut people loose and now with this I don't think he's going to have any other choice. The people for the most part on my shift, show up everyday (do no include new hires...because well they may quit the next day). If UPS started this I think there would be real legal issues and not just people trying to get their jobs back.

    A lot of us have long considered jumping to a different shift (a PAS free one) but stuck it out. The Preload shift can't keep people and can't find people as it is. No other shift has the turnover that we do, other shifts have meetings on how to retain employees (maybe a joke but at least they have a meeting) and we get blasted for misloads and such by and large for things out of our control (system-flips, out of sequence SPAing). Thats another thing, this system has CREATED two problems that have official names in the UPS system, what has it solved? honestly?

    It DOES help the slide people and the sort isle etc (plus EDD will still be accounted for due to getting scanned). I think the label should stay for those people to use, however I honestly believe the preloaders should go back to using the shipping label, that way if a sticker is on the wrong box we'll KNOW because once again we'll know what belongs on our trucks.

    I know I know it'll never happen, but I honestly believe at this point, thats the only way to really salvage PAS, or give us more than enough time to check the label on EVERY package. Many of us do check them then they get on us about our PPH...its hopeless sometimes. I just do the best that I can and thats enough for me.
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    Who is creating the flips and out of sequence?
    Maybe that's where the resolution should start, to prevent the opportunity for the preloader to misload packages. Your thoughts?
  5. oh I know and agree, I am a preloader, and I catch most of these mistakes but I can't catch them all everyday without fault.

    System flips are just that, the system or computer causes them.

    Out of sequence packages are caused by the SPA people

    However instead of going after those people they came after us, only recently have they started getting on the others responsible for such problems.
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    You sound like an influential employee in your operation, I bet you could make a difference in your own way.
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    I had guys on my preload who used to have 10 misloads a night, (No PAS) used to be in the office with them everyday (when I was a Steward) guess what? I still see the same guys every night. (They never got fired) Something is rotten in Joisey..
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    Fire preloaders? Why, because the line of people waiting to get their butts kicked for the starting wage of a 13 year old babysitter is so long? The firings need to happen alot further up the corporate ladder. Maybe behind the door that reads PAS TEAM-QUALITY CONTROL DEPT