Accidentally stop completed 0 for pickup on Diad 6


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Either create a pick up stop with unscheduled pick up. The shipper number is the 1st 6 numbers after 1Z. Or just put them under WALK UP PICK UP. The center doesn't really care as long as stuff gets picked up and customers don't complain about a missed pick up.

eats packages

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i did not know about the shipping number but you can message the center and they can drop another pickup into your board and manually enter the shipper number.


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It’s 300 pieces.

That sucks but really no way around it that I know of. If there is an end of day scan that and go. As @eats packages said, maybe contact the center and have them put the pick up back in the board.

Just sucks that we don’t have the edit feature like the 5. Unfortunately this is what happens when people who don’t do the job create the process for doing the job.