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    Has anyone else seen a spike in accidents in the last three months. We have had the last two weeks from hell and I just wish it would stop.
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    I bet production numbers are excellent though, at the expense of safety.
    There is no more blood in the turnip.
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    Our district manager was in our building for a week earlier in the month in response to the 8 tier-3 accident to date in the district.
    He screamed at an entire center that had none of the afore mentioned tire 3 accidents?
    He thinks it is because everybody can't recite the DOK.
    We had words.
    Lol, it was fun.
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    Browns kicked Packer butt!
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    Aren't they in Baltimore?
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    f. U. !!!!!!!!
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    Your rep is on the way.



    at moon looks like ass????
  8. Dracula

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    If you rush, you are rolling the dice that you are driving w/your eyes closed. Your choice, people...
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    Being able to recite the DOK will not prevent accidents. We could teach a 10 year old girl to recite them but would you want her behind the wheelof a UPS truck? However, if you APPLY them it will prevent accidents. For example, 6-8 seconds following distance will prevnt you from EVER rear-ending someone(TIER III).

    Still, if you are driving down the road and another car crosses the center-line because they were texting you WILL BE CHARGED with a TIER III. Off the road for 30 days or however long it takes for them to investigate and clear you. This is simply not fair.

    We(UPS drivers) are the safest drivers on the planet, yet we get criticized for every little accident. They are accidents for goodness sake. If its our fault then fine bring on the disipline. But don't blame us for someone else's gross negligence. Don't take money and food off my table because someone else crossed the center-line at 40 MPH and hit me!
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    Dispatch is outrageous and instead of drivers slowing down they are skipping methods and running like chickens without their heads and getting hurt. We haven't entered Christmas peak yet and we have already surpassed total numbers of injuries from last year. Drivers need to wake up.
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    I heard they are called crashes? and arent you the one promoting bouns = saftey good job
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    No rocket I hate bonus. I tried to get rid of it in my center and it didn't work out to well. Why would you think I'm promoting it????????
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    Our most common accident hit while parked. Of course it's always avoidable. We could of parked somewhere else and it wouldn't of happened lol. What a freaking joke.
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    Bonus is the root of all evil at UPS, the ultimate hypocrisy.
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    One thing that might help is to learn the F word. Some years back they were pounding us with max hours beacause "I need you to make one more run" is so easy to say by an 8 hr a day desk jockey. We learned how to say Fatigue and let them know the DOT backed us on it and all of a sudden a balanced work day became common.
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    It's even worse in Feeders...
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    Its easier to combat in feeders.
  18. Dracula

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    How so? They take accidents much, much more seriously back here.
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    Here also. But a workforce knowledgable in DOT and OSHA regulations can't be sold the same bs bill of goods as in package car. There is so much stuff from my package car days that would have never gone down with the knowledge I have now.
  20. Dracula

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    That is all dependent on the individual driver, though. We have over 300 feeder drivers here. And I hate to say it, but at least a third, maybe more, are intimidated by management tactics. As a result, safety lags. A rushed driver is a dangerous driver, esp. in feeders. And the more package car burners that come back here, the worse it gets. We get guys who fly down the interstate and cut 30 to 90 minutes off a route.

    They tried rushing me when I first got back here, but I drove PC for 21 years, and I'm not going to be pushed around. In fact, when they started harassing me about on property and start work times, and got my pre-trip book that they gave me in feeder school and brushed up on everything. Now I drive my mechanics and on-road sups nuts.

    Tire doesn't have a valve stem cap? Go to the shop. Safety pin from the dolly hook slightly worn? Go to the shop. A tire feels slightly low? Go to the shop. A glad hand doesn't snap real tight? Go to the shop.
    Trailer has a dent? Verify w/on-road. This, I've been doing at least three days a week.

    ‚ÄčIn our building, safety is always talked about, but is often pushed to the rear when the beans start getting counted. It is up to every driver to make it a priority, but it really doesn't happen that way.