Age you started and years it took to get friend/t


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Re: Age you started and years it tooked to get friend/t

started preloading at 19 and went full time pkg car 2 yrs and 3 months later at 21:happy2:


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22 years old. started part time (clerk/carwash/load trailer/porter) - went full time driving 3 1/2 months later


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olebrowneye......just click on UPS Discussions and just above where you see "Threads in Forum", there is a rectangular box that reads "new thread". Just click on that.


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Preload = 18
Driving = 21
FT = 25

If I would have been smarter I would have taken a FT combo bid or something just to get FT but I was too greedy and worried I would get stuck in one of those positions. Most of the people I know that did that would only get stuck like that for a couple months. I could be quite a bit higher if I would have done that but oh well, such is life.


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Hired off the street to drive peak of '83, gained full time seniority in early April '84. Starting pay was 75% of top pay, with a 5% raise every month. Five months into my career at UPS I was at top pay. Not bad!


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19 yo p/t for 2 1/2 years. Started driving when I was 21

As the saying goes, "Leave yourself an out".---Go to school, start a business, learn a trade, get an additional job, etc, while you're p/t.
Going friend/t isn't always the answer!