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    Can anyone give me the full run down on the sleeper teams coming out of Richmond ca or in general
    how your paid
    how much your paid weekly
    How far do they travel
    Do you get hourly as well
    How many days a week are you away from home
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    Good money for sure but really hard living.

    Did you use the search feature?
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    Basic information can be found in Article 43 of the contract.

    For more specific questions, contact your Local.

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    OK, "in general", here's what we went through:

    When wheels are moving, you and partner each get paid mileage, whatever that is now.

    Reference the contract as to "how much 'your' paid weekly"

    Our run was about 4,000 miles a week but we were, with extras, averaging over 6,000.

    You get hourly when your wheels stop, giving the first 2 hours at your longest leg, then 1 1/2 times any other time you stop: fueling, T/As, etc.

    We were away from home, mostly, 6 days.

    Now, listen to this, you and all others: This is what WE experienced. Some will argue with this or give a different perspective or say it ain't so. Go ahead. All I'm saying is, THIS IS WHAT WE EXPERIENCED during 5 years on sleeper.

    You and all others, may be different.
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    You get paid to sleep with other men. What more is there to know?
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    So that’s where the thingy goes.
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    It depends a lot on the run. I do runs from So. Cal to Iowa. Three days. I make more than in five days in Package.
    I also did a run from So. Cal to Jacksonville,Fl. Biggest paycheck I ever got with UPS. Four day run.

    The real bonus of sleeper is when you pick up extra shifts. That's where the big bucks can come from.
  14. sandwich

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    What was your schedule on a 3 day run? 3 days on 3 days off?
    I'm finally getting close to going to feeder and I want to do $leeper team.
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    Start early am Tuesday morning. Back late Thursday night. Have a nice weekend. Do it all over next Tuesday. That's right. A four day weekend.
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    Where do you do poo?
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    Where do you do poo?
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  20. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I mean sleeper is pretty big bucks compared to other ups jobs no matter what right?