Amazon stepvans - Will they start delivering heavier packages to take business from UPS and FedEx?


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oh man i can see all the crashes and rollaways now smh 😒😒😒🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ id love to know what their training is like for these


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Dude, long time! You still plugging away for a contractor? I know you wanna brown up and get to take out routes with 265 stops 455 pieces like I did a couple days ago. ;)
Hey man. Yup, still at my DSP. How are things going for you at UPS? Honestly, if they make us drive step vans I might look elsewhere. Amazon pay is mediocre and the only reason I'm staying here is that it's very chill. Listen to audio books and deliver to 95 percent houses in a small van with mostly light packages. I'm not even getting apartments these days.

I'm just not sure I have the right personality for UPS. I'm the type of person who easily gets stressed if management starts bitching. Money would be great but I don't deal with conflict very well.


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There are AMZ straight trucks running around already. Keep in mind they are delivering their own product.