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  1. No, I said "recent". Read carefully.

  2. Realistically? Hope? Nothing. But I will try.
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    Fatalities are a reality if UPS. In the case you mentioned was it negligence or deliberately obstinate, reckless behavior.
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  5. I have heard that the fatality I refer to resulted in the use of hiviz safety vests. You actually stumbled(without a clue) into something meaningful.
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    When was this incident?

  7. Arguably some of each.
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    Was it the Dec 2017 fatality?
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    Well, I can barley read. Sooo....


  10. The help I seek is to get

    Yes, a loser....of a friend.
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    When did this "friend" pass away from a accident at UPS?
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    Well good luck. Lol.
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    Thank You!
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    I couldnt watch never put on makeup..before teeth brushing..thats as far as i got.

  16. So, are you somehow questioning my relationship with the victim? How bizarre. Do you, somehow through your odd hatred of me, think I'm making all this up? So odd.
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    I'm questioning when this accident happened and what happened.

    Yes I do think you're making this up. I think you're upset because everyone disagrees with your saftey committee point of view.

  18. You really don't know how idiotic you are. This event and subsequent suffering and tragic consequences are quite real. But through your burning hatred and desire to belittle and bully, you can't begin see cause and effect nor how reckless behavior has potentially fatal outcomes.
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    Well then please tell us all when and how it all happen so that we can learn from this tragic mistake.
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