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  1. d-rek357

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    I have been a part time upser for nearly 9 years with no end in sight. It took me 7.5years to make air driving and I am still waiting to make cover driving.I work out of the knoxville,tn hub and was wondering if this was a problem everywhere or if it was a local problem?
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    It took me six years and a good friend four it depends on how many drivers your building has and the age group most drivers are in. We have a 180 route center. Seems they are hiring more and more latly but out of five drivers in a class 4 DQ.
  3. UPS Lifer

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    I read on another website that there is 400% turnover a year at UPS!!! According to the website that means that 980,000 people are being replaced annually.

    I find it interesting that there are so many partimers that have been around for more than 5 years!!!
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    7.5 years???? This is what I am afraid of! I really like being a part of UPS and I understand I need to put in time 1st, but that seems like forever. I have only been working there a little over a month but I like the company and would like to be a driver one day (hopefully not 7+ years).... is there anything I can do to speed the process??????

    sorry to hijack your post!
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    I was a training and retention manager for awhile at the West Coast Air Hub. We were asking for at least a one year committment from new hires. It cost us over $4000 to put an employee through the training period. There was an additional day of training to teach employees about air dangerous goods and security training. But... I can tell you that in one year we hired approx 2000 folks ...the hub runs with 1200 to 1500. So I find it hard to believe that there is that big of a difference nationwide.
  7. Dirty Savage

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    Not a problem here. We just hired two new people at full-time right off the street! Full-time!!!! Took me almost two years to make full-time. Or you could consider moving to Alberta where they will give you a job if you have a pulse and a valid driver's license.
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    Part time for10years. Driving now for 8. Hang in there and you will get your chance.
  9. d-rek357

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    thanks for your input....the way things look under this contract Ill be part time till at least 2013. thats 14 years part time...hard to suport a family like that.
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    Its mostly in your area....In my package division we are hiring drivers off the street. I am currently training a driver who has been with the company since August. Next week we have a new guy starting and he has yet to work one hour for UPS. Over the summer we had some part time sups work as drivers. It was a miracle that we were able to keep two of them. The other two had to go back to part time managment....its a shame...they were really good.
  11. d-rek357

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    what area r u from im moving
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    The wait for full-time in our building is getting longer and longer. I've been part-time almost 10 years and I thought I was going full-time a few months ago when bid sheets were up for some new full-time driving and combo jobs. The whole thing must have been a practical joke by management because those jobs still haven't been filled. Us TCDs are being used to supplement full-time drivers and nothing has been done about it. That is why I voted for a different slate in the local elections last week.
  13. 55andout?

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    North Illinois..........We need drivers and helpers..............send help:whiteflag:
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    This sounds pretty typical. North Illinois can't seem to staff its operations--inside or delivery--around Peak. I remember Peak 2004 being brutal. I was a helper during Peak 2005--for four days. Good Heavens.....Godspeed, North Illinois! Is there any talk of building another HUB somewhere in the Western Suburbs--Aurora, Batavia, etc? I remember hearing that rumor at one point. -Rocky