Anybody have a preload package car map?

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    I always read about drivers referencing load positions, typically four digits e.g. 4000 or whatever... Is this a universal metric? Does anybody have a simple map that shows the load positions? I'm sure there is something at work if I ask around but I really don't like talking to management too much so if anybody has any materials i'd appreciate it.
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    A "Pin the tail on the donkey " game would work.
  3. As long as it comes with a blindfold,
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    thanks guys, when i do move into preload i'll be sure to remember this
  5. Just throw the packages in the truck, that's what my preloader does.. works great.
  6. FrigidFTSup

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    Step 1. Read PAL Label
    Step 2. Decide which truck it goes into.
    Step 3. Put it on the shelf marked with that PAL number in order by sequence number.
    Step 4. Repeat 1200 more times.
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    Just walk into a package car and look at the facing of the shelves. They, if up to date should have the shelves clearly marked.
  8. Brownslave688

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    Most sups are happy with step 1 and 2
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    There should be a loading shelf number guide with the number of bulk stops. If you don't have on posted on the back end of your truck, ask management for 1.
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    I don't like mediocrity
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    You know that's not really a word, right?

    Pretty sweet movie if you can deal with all of the idiocy in it, though.
  13. That's what your supervisor says,as you are trying to qualify.
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    We have plenty of that
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    annnnnnnd I feel like this applies now

  18. Move it
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    A map? We're loading packages into a PC???not spelunking a cave looking for the fountain of
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    Route got cut today. So I'm emulating @Brownslave688 and taking a dead day.

    That is until they remember the sup covering my sort is garbage and calls me in.