anyone from hawaii

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    anyone from hawaii on here????Wondering if all Islands have hubs or how many actual drivers are on the islands.
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    I think it's one guy he runs scratch in a blown out split car everyday.
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    What happens with missorts meant for another island??
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    The islands of Hawaii are part of the Southeast California District. Hono is the main port of operations. This is where all the volume is flown into and out of. The main center is also there. There are airport operations in Maui, Hilo, Kona, and Kaui. The centers are what we call "outlying or satelite" centers. Each have around 10 to 20 drivers and are located in the same areas as mentioned above. The islands of Molokai and Lanai are serviced through a contract carrier who makes the deliveries.

    Hawaii is kind of like the UPS of old. There is not a lot of layers of mgmt and there are Lead drivers or employees that help get things done.
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    Missorts are handled just like in the states. They are put in with the pick ups and processed that evening. Packages that are undeclared haz-mats get stuck on the island they are discovered and must be destroyed or given to a representative of the shipper...but UPS won't move them.
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    ...Sounds like the UPS I knew & loved from 1971 until the BOD sold out the non-option Management and every Teamster who believed in UPS......In the old days Management would defer to any Teamster idea that worked....Management were very much Teamsters with ties due to the 100% promotion from within......Now its just ties......
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    I started in 1971 also....Things were a lot simpler then. However UPS was much smaller also. It was a less complex company and world. There were less regulations and less need for control above the local area.

    The one thing we can't do is go back to those times, but we can continue to work for change. The managmenet structure is in need of change along with an incentive to take on that additional responsibility.

    Another wrench in the works is the fact that you have 4 generations all working at the same time (x-y-bomers-great gen). Each of these generations have different value systems. What is important to one is not important to another. It takes a great degree of skill to juggle all of the complexities of our current business model. Our BOD needs a shot in the arm to bring all of this together and I am sorry to say it is not the current Chairman or Vice-chair. The x and y generations need to have more say at the top. With a little overhaul this company could blow the competition away.

    I also believe that some extensive training on the differences & understanding of these value systems for all employees is essential...along with training on improving the communication skill as well as the pipeline or "net" of communication from the top to the bottom.