ANyone heard anything about a Takeover happening in January?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Going Postal, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Going Postal

    Going Postal New Member

    Just curious. The rumors around our office are flying that there is some kind of takeover happening in January. Has anyone else heard any rumblings? :biting:
  2. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Hmmmmm ! OK, where should we start this new rumor? How about Delaware? NOT !!!
  3. Nimnim

    Nimnim The Nim

    Not a peep that I've heard.
  4. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    I plan to takeover a new route, but that's about it.
  5. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Yes, how did you find out? My plans are now ruined to buy UPS and eliminate all the management personel that have came from somewhere other than a delivery business or never driven and promote people that actually have driven a package car and have been in the delivery business before! Now it's ruined. BIG MOUTH!!!!
  6. Going Postal

    Going Postal New Member

    Ha ha. You guys are too funny. But seriously, my buddy in S. Jersey was told that in January they are calling in all the employees in their office to work. Something about a takeover. Was just curious and asked around our office and they too have heard of something but no one knows what exactly seems to be spreading. Just wondering if anyone knew what it was all about.
  7. Going Postal

    Going Postal New Member

    not trying to start a rumor just to prove or disprove its validity. But with it seeming to be spreading in our area want to be sure. Maybe we're planning to take over TNT again or something. IDK.
  8. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    I took it that you thought someone would be 'taking over' UPS. The other way around would be OK.
  9. Going Postal

    Going Postal New Member

    No I don't think anyone would ever buy us out. We're the big fish in the pond. Maybe with the USPS going broke, we'll take them over. :-)

    FAVREFAN Member

    Our price tag starts at $75Billion. Don't know anyone with that kind of cash laying around. lol.
  11. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Fedex is going to buy us. The new combined company will be called...
  12. Magnus

    Magnus Member

    ... Fed-UPS :raspberry-tounge:
  13. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

  14. brett636

    brett636 Well-Known Member

    Its funny you should mention that as there is a sports bar located a couple of blocks from my building called Fedups. I believe a PC driver owns it.
  15. hubrat

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  17. Mr Shifter

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  18. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    an Over95 billion dollars in value company
  19. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Ups buys all kind of companies every year. Nothing would be that big of a deal unless they bought Fed-ex, which will never happen!!!
  20. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    Don't be so sure ... I am hearing we are taking over the Teamsters.