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  1. TempPackageBoi

    TempPackageBoi New Member

    Hi guys, I recently was hired at UPS and it’s been the sketchiest job I’ve worked since McDonalds a decade ago. In fact, it’s worse.

    First, I was told I’d work a minimum of 20 hours a week, but I’ve been told that I’d be lucky to hit 15 hours by my coworkers. I seem to remember reading somewhere that employees are guaranteed 3.5 hours a day, is that true? I’m only getting maybe 2 hours a day at this crud warehouse.

    Also, nobody explained the attendance policy when I asked beyond “don’t call in and don’t be late.” I clocked in two minutes after my assigned shift and my manager pulled me aside yesterday to give me a verbal warning. Apparently a minute late is late and an occurrence on my attendance record for NINE MONTHS. Cool. Thanks for conveniently not explaining what defines late. So I showed up early today and apparently worked off the clock for 10 minutes without knowing it and had nobody inform me that I only get paid when my shift begins as scheduled. Awesome. Pretty sure I could sue for basic labor law violations, but ok.

    Absolute worst attendance policy I’ve ever heard of. I get being 5-10+ minutes late is not cool, as most occupations would agree, but just one minute late counts? Wtf?! Is this normal? I guess I better show up early and twiddle my thumbs?! There’s only one way to my facility at it’s over a bridge that constantly gets backed up by traffic on an island. There’s no way I’m gonna keep this job if this truly is the case. I can’t avoid traffic that adds an hour to my commute time even if I start being perfect and showing up early. What should I do? Do I even have a case? I’ve read on here workers showing up HOURS late daily with no issues and keeping their jobs. No wonder this company has a bad rep.
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    diallo185 New Member

    Yup late is late with ups as far as guarantee 3.5 is Correct, start time 0330 don’t touch nada till 0330
  3. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Most places the attendance policy is 6 late or call ins in a rolling 9 month period.

    As for the 3.5 hr guarantee, if you are past your probation period, go see a steward. He'll walk you through how to get paid.
  4. TempPackageBoi

    TempPackageBoi New Member

    Okay, fair enough on being late. I’m assuming my probation period is the first month? How would I go about finding who my steward is?
  5. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Perhaps. Staff Member

    Usually 30 days out of 90 days, but that may vary in some areas.

    Late is late. Period. Show up, punch in early and don't do any work until your start time. Simple.
  6. UrFellowUpser

    UrFellowUpser Active Member

    2 hrs shiid i worked 6 hrs everyday on preload and averaged 32 hrs or a little less a week for the 8 months i was a preloader before i became a driver. UPS ishard work though it not made for bitches who worked laid back jobs. Just show up on time its not that hard.
  7. You might’ve been able to sneak into McDonald’s a few minutes late, but you’ve got a big boy job now. Show up everyday ON TIME. So you don’t have to come on here and ask stupid questions.
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  8. TempPackageBoi

    TempPackageBoi New Member

    Right, I was mostly upset just about not being told how attendance works until it was a problem a good couple days in. Got it, will be twiddling my thumbs in the lot until right on work time and slowly making my way from the lot instead of getting straight to work. I can play games too, UPS.

    Work is easy for now, especially with next to no hours here. Just getting ready for the season to start and if hours remain the same, I guess I’ll say something. Definitely can keep up with the work unlike most “bitches.” But yeah, I still need to know how to find my steward for more hours after my probation period. If I could get 3.5 hours a day at least, itd be worth it for now.

    Thanks to those who actually gave good answers beyond “lol jus show up un time lol” thanks, already knew that, just confirming my store isn’t being :censored2:s about it because apparently it “depends” on location from what I read on here. First job I’ve ever worked with such a strict attendance policy and I’ve worked for about 10 different companies in the past 14 years of my entrance to the workforce, you think they would have explained how it works from day one since it’s such big deal, but I get it, gotta keep that employee door revolving so no new hires stick around for benefits. I should of known when all the new hires I got hired with disappeared within the first week. I thought Walmart was bad lol good luck guys!
  9. eats packages

    eats packages Tetris Master

    WTF kind of center only runs minimum hours per shift and can pull a PT into the office for being late?
    You, good sir, not only managed to find a bad job, but the worst building in the entire country for that job to be based in.

    Yesterday everybody left my boxline at 8:30AM and I got an extra hour of overtime finishing my assignment (200 pieces higher than every other pull in the area) and cleaning up the entire place... teamwork dudes!
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  10. Wally

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  11. CoffeeStainedUniform

    CoffeeStainedUniform Active Member

    I think the response is actually "grow up, and get to work on time"

    but I think you need to understand that your job is your responsibility. No one in management is going to hold your hand and tell you your responsibilities or your privileges. You will have to be proactive.
  12. BigBrown87

    BigBrown87 If it’s brown, it’s going down

    I get your point with one minute late, but if you are still in your probationary period you might want to show up early and be ready when your scheduled start time is. If you need to call in do so an hour before your shift. Get the call in number from your sup and find out when you make seniority so you can ask for your guaranteed 3.5 hrs of work. Other then that keep your head down and do your job you should be just fine.
  13. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    Don't let them push you around on not getting your 3.5, regardless of not having seniority.

    You need to get 30 WORK DAYS in in a 90 day work period, it's not 30 calander days. That seems to be something that a lot of new hires don't understand.

    They expect a call an hour early if you're going to be late or anything. You can also call in every day before you leave home to verify they need you that night, if they say yes, you get the 3.5 hours.

    You probably won't have the union fight for it but if there's issues, a simple email to the Department of Labor gets it straightened out real quick.

    There are also laws agains retaliation/workplace harassment that protect you before and after you're in the union.

    Start reading up your workplace rights and also the master contract as well as the supplement for your area if there is one.

    You'll be walked all over if you don't know what they can/can't do and don't know what you're 'entitled' to from already negotiated and agreed upon contract terms... in union or not.
  14. Poop Head

    Poop Head Lovin' every minute of it!

    You punch-in in the parking lot??
  15. unknown8290

    unknown8290 New Member

    this just makes me laugh, suck it up snowflake. late is late in any job. no wonder you have worked for 10 different companies over 14 years.
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  16. Observer

    Observer Active Member

    When they hire you in - they will provide as little information as possible including the number to call to. It's really sad. If they try to con you to come in early to do set ups - MAKE SURE you are getting paid. Ask your sup who the shop steward is - better yet look it up yourself on the internet. Look up your area and you will find what Union Local you're under. After 30 working days you are in the union. They will always take out dues from week one. If you decide to stick around - BE SURE and always document your hours daily and then check them with your pay advice. They also will talk down to you and belittle you as much as possible - there is Karma - it just takes forever - there is an off site third party you can gripe to once you make your 30 days - the phone number escapes - keep good records - harassment is the main hobby for supes. Promoting a hostile work environment is what they are trained to do. The people at the 800 will report it - keep the tracking no. for your records. HOWEVER, it will have things quiet down for awhile. Then it will start up again. Similar to McDonald's - you are now working in a middle school environment - think 8th,9th,10th grade-you remember what a blood bath that could be -so adjust ---it will not change - companies treat everyone like they are a number.
  17. IESucks

    IESucks Active Member

    Lmao. Sucks to be a grownup huh?
  18. Waldo

    Waldo Member

    I just finished my 15th work day at my hub. The hours will come. I got sent home early one day each of my first two weeks. But I got overtime every day this week. The probationary period in my hub is 40 work days (30 days wearing the vest and 40 to be in the union). I was 11 minutes late this past Tuesday due to a major traffic incident. I called my supervisor and she was very understanding as like 20% of all employees were late due to the same incident. The job does seem to get easier as time goes by.
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  19. TempPackageBoi

    TempPackageBoi New Member

    Such toxicity on here from pathetic souls who are obviously going nowhere real quick with their lives and got to belittle strangers online behind a keyboard to feel good about themselves. Smart grownups don’t end up wasting away on the bottom of the totem poll at UPS and going online to talk :censored2: on fellow employees ;) enjoy never having a million dollars lolololo

    To all those who gave solid advice, thank you again for not being dumb as bricks like your coworkers. You’ll definitely get further in life helping people out, trust me. These other guys will still be making chump change in ten years wondering if they made the right life decisions lmao glad my family has money at least, don’t really have to worry about the same fate later on, just gotta survive right now and focus on myself.

    My facility genuinely has issues, I had a feeling from the start and some of you have confirmed my suspicions. I haven’t been late since the talk. Been showing up early as recommended and no issues beyond the hours just not being there as promised by the Union and not being told how the times work. I’m just hoping I can keep the job until the next best thing comes along very shortly. Thanks again.
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  20. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    You are partially correct, I am a complete loser in life because I work at UPS, a zero and a worthless human being based solely upon that premise

    However unfortunately (regarding your theory) if I live to retirement, I'll be a millionaire.
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