Average hours?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dookiebutt, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Heavy Package

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    Getting about 8.5 hrs / day. They have training junk routes in for the seasonal workers but we do not have enough workers in the hub, helpers, PVD's, etc. Also, we do not have enough package cars. Real peak is going to be a joke here. New crop of seasonal drivers is a joke, but what else is new. Just seems this year it will be tough to find labor who wants to put up with this crap for low wages and long days for about 6 weeks. UPS needs a better strategy.
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  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It doesn't.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Well-Known Member

    With a 3.5% unemployment rate and the need to fill 500K seasonal jobs across all major package delivery companies and retailers it is going to be very difficult to find enough help.
  4. The Driver

    The Driver I drive.

    70 hours a week before Black Friday?
  5. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    48 hours is about 10 hours too many for me.
  6. The Driver

    The Driver I drive.

    I would be thrilled with 40 every week. I might actually hit $100,000 this year and that feels like more than I really want to earn.
  7. Three point

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  8. BeachBoy

    BeachBoy Member

    Agreed. 10.5 hours a day here on average and a 6th day punch without pre-approval.
    We are so screwed come peak.
  9. Jones

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    Most people live in Maryland or Virginia, the DC Building is actually in Maryland. Still pricey, but not quite as bad as that zillow link makes out
  10. Justaloader

    Justaloader Active Member

    Location, location, location.
  11. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I see plenty of people in the projects driving Escalades. Lol
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  12. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    There's a few dumsdums in 639 driving high dollar cars to work, but it's not the norm.
  13. textat3

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    Its all good in MD/VA/DC Local 639 area...can't save much in the 401K but sell the paid off McMansion, grab the HUGE pension and roll out of Metro DC for good.
  14. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    Something happens to that pension you're gonna wish you had put more into the 401k.
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  15. KoennenTiger

    KoennenTiger Active Member

    Looks like here. Only without the mansions.

    Family on my route living in what I think of as a ghetto area selling their 2 bed 1 bath house they paid $44k for fifteen years ago think they will get $380,000.

    I could barely afford that.

    Who is buying these houses and what do they actually create with their work?

    Been six months they still live their. Guy took out a third mortgage to keep living large after retiring at 55 from the Google map car he drove for five years? After his career as a gas station clerk?

    Then when my brother tells me about his PhD classes because he can't manage just student loans with only a masters.

    My uncle thinks he's worth ten million because he owns four houses. The bank tells him each one is worth millions. He's been trying to sell them for half a decade. But he keeps getting money from them, retired, from reverse mortgages. Magic money from the bank, can they hide inflation forever?

    I chat with my wife about this house of cards. I suppose we'll see where it ends
  16. KoennenTiger

    KoennenTiger Active Member

    *Gonna wish you had more kids and raised them better
  17. Heavy Package

    Heavy Package Well-Known Member

    K Tiger is spot on. You must be an ostrich with your head in the sand to not see the next big recession is coming soon. I don't care what side you are on politically - look at either outcome of the 2020 election and my bet is that 2021, if not warning signs next year, is going to be the start of a tough couple of years.

    In the mid Atlantic area houses are now $500k and up for a 1/4 acre track homes? 2-3 kids all decked out with Vineyard Vines clothes and new cars with a total of another $1500/mo in payments. One job loss, one bonus that is cut and these people who are already in debt up to their ears will be in big trouble. No way you can build 1000 home subdivisions and everyone in the area is asking where these people are coming from and where are they working. Big bubble here in housing alone.
  18. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    Huge pension....LOL. it's a menial job and decent at best pension
  19. Justaloader

    Justaloader Active Member

    Wife and I just bought a house here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Paid 380k. You may think - 380k, how the hell? You have to figure in location, cost of living, and a whole host of other factors. You can't just look at the cost of the house alone. We bought the house in August of 2018 (this is the 2nd house we've owned. First one we bought for 165k, lived in it 7 years, and sold it for 190k - broke even as we put about 35 grand into the house). The interesting part - any house we looked at under 300k needed work. By "work", I mean - new roof, or was in needed of renovations due to being "dated", had basement water issues, needed a new septic or well, etc. The list went on and on. We didn't want to spend 380 as that was at the very top of our budget, but I didn't want to spend 300k on a house and then have to go into a crap load of debt updating / fixing / replacing things either. We wanted a move in ready house that wouldn't require work for at least 10 years.

    That said, I work 2 jobs, and she works as well. During the day I'm an Insurance Specialist (I handle Auto and General Liability claims for a telecommunications company - Unitek Global Services), and during the evenings I work the twilight shift at UPS. She is an admin assistant at financial planning company (Ameriprise). We aren't living in the lap of luxury, but, we don't have to decide if we want to pay the mortgage this month, or keep the lights on and eat instead.

    I work two jobs because my wife and I like the nicer things in life. Fine wine tastes, water budget would be accurate. However, I have a 5 year old daughter and a son who will be arriving in February, and I want to be able to give them opportunities to do well in life. Hence my saving for my daughter's wedding (should she choose to marry), both college educations (should they choose to go - their college may not be paid in full, but they will have a decent head start), and money set aside for when "life" happens (cancer runs in both my and my wife's families....and a "rainy day" fund will, more than likely, be needed as I get older).
  20. KoennenTiger

    KoennenTiger Active Member

    Congratulations on the new little guy!

    Please recommend your daughter get married and teach her and help her find a quality husband. So that she may have a wonderful family to enjoy as she ages as well.