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  1. babboo25

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    If u are on vacation and u have a death in the family can u add on those 3 days to your scheduled vacation, say the following mon, tues and wed? I'm off for 2 weeks my grandmother died today (wed) but I know it sounds greedy but just wondering.
  2. toonertoo

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    Nope you are screwed, your grandma had bad timing, God rest her soul..

    You are already getting paid. So its no pay for you.

    Condolences sincerely. tooner
  3. disneyworld

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    Did you already tell them she died? Call on the friday before you go back and tell them. No,I have no conscience.
  4. toonertoo

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    Did you already tell them she died? Call on the friday before you go back and tell them. No,I have no conscience

    They need an obit to pay you, and that determines how much if any you get. Depeneding on your contact I guess. I had to go 1500 miles and got three days. Had I been on vaca I would have got ZERO.
  5. speeddemon

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    UPS has no conscience either......Id take some more days off too.
  6. over9five

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    "No,I have no conscience."

    Disney, you rock!
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    It is a crying shame when people/companies can't be more understanding the loss of a family member
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    First off my condolences to the person who lost a loved one.

    But, the idea of bereavement pay is to allow you time to attend the funeral of a family member and not lose pay for that time. The time paid (although varying from contract to contract) usually is from date of death til date of funeral. If you try to put in for Funeral leave for a time period when it does not apply, it could be considered dishonesty. Is it worth it?
  9. yeldarb

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    I know of someone who got fired for that. He said he had a funeral, when he came back, they asked for a obit or funeral program. He couldnt produce one. Turned out, someone died, he just didnt go to the funeral. Got paid for it, then went on a mini vacation.
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    Not only is it morally wrong, if you try that stunt and they ask for a death certificate......
  11. toonertoo

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    Anyone who would do that should be gone. It would be a for sure indicator of integrity, and lack of
  12. celsiana

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    Sorry to highjack your post with my questions and sorry for your loss.
    My grandmother passed. Today is Tuesday we are having memorial for her Wed eve for her friends and neighbors where she is living now. Her funeral will be Friday in another town to be buried next to my Grandfather. Since it is a 7 hour drive I was planning on having to take Wed, Thursday and Friday off.
    Will I get paid three days?
  13. sx2700

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    Good grief, what a bad week for Grandma's. Mine passed away on Memorial day and the funeral will be Saturday. My condolences to the rest of you.
  14. outta hours

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    Yes you will and you may be entitled to 4 days with pay depending on your supplement and the distance you travel.

    When my mother in-law died I was also on vacation. When I returned to work my center manager told me to take off the 3 days I would have gotten if the timing was different. He told me he knew I would be plenty busy helping my wife take care of her mothers affairs. And I have had several relatives die and I have never turned in an obit to be paid. I am thankful I do not work in a place where that policy is in place. How utterly disrespectful it must feel to be asked for such a thing at a time like that. My condolences.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I think that you will find that UPS goes above and beyond compared to a lot of companies in regards to time off for a death in the family.
  16. trplnkl

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    I had a center manager once that would not allow me to take off for two funerals, both uncles. ( I was so new to the union that I didn't know about grievances).Other than that I have never had a problem. Another center manager let me take off for a really close friend's funeral....I even got paid for the day. When I saw that I had been paid I told the center manager and he said, " I know, I turned it in as an uncle, now..shhhhhhush".
  17. The-UK-Guy

    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

    They have been pretty understanding with me for all 5 times my grandmother has died