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  1. nesra012

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    I have a question about bid sheets. One was put up in our center last month from the 8th - 19th for pt to ft. Everybody at my center knows I am next for the ft driver position that is going to become open, but nobody told me that the bid sheets were up. They used to be in one place but got moved to another place apparantely, and I always sign them. I didn't sign them this time because I was unaware and left for vacation on the 11th - 22nd. So is there any hope for me getting this job because the other guy that wants it has 6 months less seniority than me and I just didnt know they were up.
  2. scratch

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    You should file the next time you walk into the door. I don't know if the Contract has anything about it in this particular situation, but if the Bid Board was moved, then it seems like you should be able to use your seniority to get a try. Good Luck.
  3. Cementups

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    I would see your union steward ASAP and explain to him your circumstances.
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    If you are in Central States area, there is a JAC decision that the company is required to transfer names between permanently posted PT to FT bids sheets.
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    Shop stewards in our local call all people on comp/vacation when ever a bid job is up. If the guy wants it, steward prints his name on the bid list and signs his own name under it. We never ever had a problem, if you were on vacation I think you should be entitled to it.
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    do you mean from the previous bid sheets i signed my name, i should be on this one too?
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    Yes, centers in our area keep up permanent sheets for PT to FT. They are required to transfer names when they clean up sheets that are posted. You are signaling your intention to go FT because you technically can not bidon jobs your not qualified for.

    YMMV if your not area is not covered by this JAC decsion. under area
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    Where I'm at we don't actually post bid sheets for PT to FT (just for combo jobs). Everyone has to put in a letter each year to get their name on the PT to FT list, then as positions come open they are moved into them in seniority order.

    However, when we do have a job that goes up for bid, usually combo jobs, if you don't put your name on the list in the 5 day posting period, you are out of luck. We had a situation not too long ago that an individual was on vacation and did not get their name on the list. The contract here clearly states that if you are on vacation it is your responsibility to have a union steward sign any bids on your behalf. This person greived to get their name on the list and it did not go in their favor, they were not allowed to get on the list.

    I would strongly suggest to anyone, especially someone with high seniority to get with their steward to make sure that if they are on vacation when a job is posted they add their name to it.

    One thing our HR department does when posting jobs though to help this is to post the jobs on Wednesday that way the posting period is Wednesday to Wednesday that way if someone is on vacation one of the weeks they would still have the opportunity to sign the bid the other week.
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    In our center you fill out a bid sheet then sign and date it. I would guess they have to have one for you.
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    just an updated question, he is not 21 yet and we are biddin on a full time job that involves driving, and he hasn't reached his one year seniority until mid march, can you bid on jobs even if you are not qualified at the time?/
  11. scratch

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    You can bid on a job, but if you are not qualified, you will not get it. Did you contact your Local's Business Agent and talk to the Center Manager who posted this Bid? I would go there first before asking us "strangers on an internet discussion board". Good Luck, I hope you get it if thats what you want to do. I started out in the Hub on the Midnight Sort.