Bikers or SUV --What say you ???

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    Who owns the GUILT ???:dissapointed:
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    I don't consider myself a "Biker". I do not have tattoos, a bad attitude and a criminal record. I am a motorcyclist. I see these groups and they seem to think they own the road as their own playground. I take a dim view of these types and their attitude. Certainly no AMA members among them. I put it directly on the "bikers". They precipitated it.
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    Being a biker for over 40 years and 120,000 miles, I have never gone on a ride with another biker.
    If I do something stupid, it's on me ... People get really stupid in groups.
    From what I have seen, this group precipitated the incident and got what they deserved.
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    When I saw the first headlines I'm thinking idiot SUV driver. Then I see their own videos and reports of other incidents that happened before they got to the SUV. After that it's all on the bikers. The BooHoo story on the biker who was injured says how he was only trying to help,etc. But when several websites do a little digging they find he has a vehicular violation record a yard long and is prohibited from operation ANY motor vehicle in the state of Massachusetts. Law abiding people don't have that.
    I only hope the SUV driver gets good enough legal help to keep from losing his shirt in the upcoming litigation.
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    The injured Mass resident never had a license to drive , so what the heck was he doing driving in another state , on a bike he didn't own ?

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    The bikers!
    In the videos I've seen, it clearly shows the 1 guy "brake checking" the SUV.

    Then, in the portion of the video where they surround the truck, look where the "poor innocent biker" got hit. A few of them parked & got off their bikes nearly in the center lane! Who does that??!! If in an accident, aren't you supposed to pull off the road to a safer place?

    I ride with a few friends & if for some reason we need to pull over, we find a safe place, or if that's not possible, we get as far off the road as possible.

    Put all the new information about the guy not having a license & his arrest record aside. Just look at videos already released. The bikers were clearly acting as thugs & trying to intimidate other motorists to keep away so their group didn't get broken up.

    I got a kick out of his friends & family on the news saying someone has to take responsibility for what happened.
    Really??!! How about personal responsibility?

    ​Don't not even get me started with Gloria Allred getting involved now. She's a bigger attention whore than I am!
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    Bikers, 100% If you and your friends surround somebody and make them fear for their safety, then the resulting actions, no matter how terrible you feel they are, are your fault.

    I don't feel bad for the paralyzed biker, and I would have the same feelings if any of those guys had been killed by the SUV. Where i come from Me and my family are #1, everything else is less important. So if I feel like its either my life or someone else's to be lost, you can bet your sweet behind that I'm going to do what I can to ensure that it is not mine.
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    The paralyzed guy is hiring Gloria Allred....only the guilty or stupid hire her.
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    Having ridden for years and having ridden in groups, I think what isn't seen in the video is what happened before. I've seen many cars try to drive between a group of bikes. Yes the bikers were all over the road, but I'm sure they were traveling at a good rate of speed. In the NYC area people are JERKS, they'll pass you up in a tractor-trailer, cut in front of you, (the truck is in the middle lane), then put their signal on, slow down so they can get in the right lane for their exit.
    I've ridden in groups of around 10-15 bikes, all mature motorcyclists, no hot dogs and have seen cars start to pass the group on the left then merge into the middle of the group to take an exit, and the group was traveling at or near the posted speed limit.
    In this area everyone want's to be "first", no one wants to be behind a truck, group of bikes, or anyone. People have no respect for motorcycles, or trucks or pedestrians.
    I really think fault lies with both parties, I'm sure the first biker was brake checking the SUV for driving through the group. Dumb move on his part, like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Bike vs SUV, SUV gonna win every time.

    The other day I was driving down a 4 lane non divided highway, about 4 or 5 bicyclists were riding in front of me in the right lane 2 abreast, this is illegal for them to do. What would everyone have said if someone hit them, of course if would have been the car drivers fault because 2 jerks on a bicycle wanted to have a conversation on a busy street/highway?

    I've just come to the conclusion people are STUPID!
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    Yes, people are stupid. You just proved that. Bicyclists can LEGALLY ride two abreast.
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    And you just proved it as well.
    ​Some states do not allow bicycles or motorcycles to ride side by side.
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    The rider that taped the SUV attack taped other videos and was dumbe enough to post them online. Judge for yourself.

    Deleted Videos Show :censored2: Bikers Before Range Rover Attack
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    Well, since he explicitly mentioned NY, I took a gamble. The only three states that explicitly prohibit two abreast riding are Nebraska, Hawaii, and Montana.
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    Boo Hoo for the SUV driver. It is clear that the bikers had a party of bikes riding. Its also clear that they had control of all lanes. The SUV driver was HONKING at the bikers as he tail gated the bikers looking to get through. The biker in the center gets off the throttle to TURN BACK and look at the SUV driver and the SUV driver hits the biker.

    At that point, its all bets off.

    The SUV driver should have gotten a beat down at that moment and instead, he hammers the throttle and runs over other bikers injuring one seriously.

    Whether or not he was afraid is besides the point. The SUV driver created his own beat down scenario. Had he just maintained proper following distance, he wouldnt have drove right up on the rears of the bikers.

    Instead, he forced an issue and that issue ended with a helmet crashing through his drivers window.

    I would have preferred the driver was yanked out of his range rover and knocked into next thursday, but I wasnt there to facilitate that.


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    Luckily, your opinion means no more in the real world than it does here.
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    I stand corrected somewhat, this is NJ law, where I live:
    To travel no more than two abreast when traffic is not impeded, but otherwise ride in single file. Every person riding a bicycle shall ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic.

    If you are taking up an entire lane on a busy roadway with 2 bicycle you are impeding traffic, most bicyclists don't seem to care.

    The law further states:

    In New Jersey, the law states a bicyclist must obey all state and local automobile driving laws. A parent may be held responsible for the child’s violation of any traffic law.
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    You're a complete tool. The SUV driver is wrong because a plethora of asshats cut him off and since HE didn't slam on his brakes to maintain following distance, he's in the wrong?You have said some REALLY stupid things before, and this just adds to that legacy. He should have run over MORE of those losers, then their streak of terrorizing drivers would be slowed down.
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    Funny how TOS is talking on how tough he would have been in that situation as he hides behind the gates of his subdivision.