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Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm fairly close to leaving UPS (the measly MIP was the strack that broke the UPSers back) and I was wondering if anyone knew how the MIP and Half-Month bonuses worked? If I left before they were paid out, would I be out of luck? Or, woud I still qualify for the MIP because I was reccomended and here for the entire MIP year? (September through September). I hate to be grasping for the last few dollars, but I really feel I earned that money already (at least the MIP portion) and that it shouldn't be contingent on me being at work on such-and-such a day.


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With the new MIP plan you will only leave with what you have alreadyin your account that is not restricted and if you select a cash pay out of this years 50%the portion you would get that as well. Basically you would leave 80% of last years award and 100% (minus your selection) of this years award.

This was one of the reason for the MIP change last year. It was set up this way so if you leave, you leave money on the table. UPS had too many people cashing out and leaving in the past so now they are forcing to leave money on the table.