Bringing in "secondary team" to screw us out of hours

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    So after threatening to do this very thing for years, management is actually apparently going to do it. They are bringing in a "secondary team" for day sort at the hub I work at. We won't be allowed to work more than 4 hours (typically shift had anywhere from 5-6 hours); once we hit the 4 hour mark, we're done. Might even be let go at 3.5 hours. They're going to bring in the secondary team at some point before our 3.5-4 hours are up, and then those people are going to completely take over once we're gone for the day. So I :censored2: you not, there will be people standing around getting paid to do jack :censored2: because there aren't enough positions open, and I doubt you could entice people to come in and work for 1-2 hours a day otherwise.

    All this bull because I'm guessing management is pissy about their yearly bonuses being too small. They are literally hiring extra people so we don't get overtime (typically it's about 15-30 minutes per day, rarely is it an hour or more) so their numbers will look better. Won't this end up costing the company more $$$? Because if these people stay on a year they all get the health benefits, and they get the tuition money from day one if they so want.

    I guess my question is- is there anything us lowly peons can do? This is supposedly going into effect on Sunday. I don't know if the :censored2: has hit the fan yet amongst my coworkers because we found out about it at the end of shift and I had to leave to take care of family stuff and couldn't stick around to shoot the :censored2:.
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    I have always heard that UPS can do anything to reduce OT. Good luck to management on makeing this scheme work. Can't hardley find enough people to work as it is. Just sit back and watch it fail.
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  3. lonelydark

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    Also the hilariously awful part is that they think because Amazon is building more warehouses and whatnot, that it will actually increase our volume, instead of the opposite. I guess they don't realize that Amazon is gunning to start their own shipping service? Guess they'll figure it out eventually, but possibly not before they're up :censored2: creek without a paddle.
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  4. PT Crazy

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    Make sure the new crew isn't supervisors working!
  5. Mugarolla

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    Yes. But you answered your own question.

    It's all about a number on a piece of paper.

    If those numbers look good, local management is golden. It does not matter that it will cost the company more money, the numbers look good.
  6. Rick Ross

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    If they're going to do nothing but stand around you should see how to get on the new crew. Seems like some easy money, but then again when I see our air sorts working it all looks like easy money. It's like a totally different company compared to the ground operations.
  7. Catatonic

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    Yep, the air group is very profitable and the expectations on quality is stressed more than it is in Ground Ops.
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    They're gonna start losing people with a scheme like this...And in my location, there's no way they'd be able to find enough people to basically create a new shift, and replace all of the people that end up leaving once they're not getting enough hours.

    I'm glad I'm not in that guy's building, but at the same time it would be hilarious to watch.
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    I hope they would hire a secondary team for preload next.
  10. Wally

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    One thing you and everyone else can do is to grieve each and every time management touches any package. The part time sups work so much, they are like free extra labor.
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