Brown Package Trucks - Clean or Dirty?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPS Preloader, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Growing up in Massachusetts in never saw a dirty UPS Package Truck. The closest center was in Shrewsbury and from what I was told every truck was washed everyday. I now live in Maine and the center I work at does not have a car wash. When I first started back in 2007, the local sort would hand wash the trucks every night. Nowadays, I can't recall the last time I saw a clean truck. In addition to a pile of trash and dirt inside the trucks, there's probably 10 lbs of dirt on the outside. It's almost embarassing! Is this common elsewhere?
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    We have a car washer that works after the local sort. Hand washed. But they'll limit the time he can wash per week. Something like 3 hours a night. I personally rinse off my truck every day at a customers lot. It only rinses the scum off the truck, but something is better than nothing.
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    Dirty is the new clean.
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    My truck was so dirty,the little kids walking past my truck.started to wipe the dirt off with their bare hands! Hey Mr UPS man your truck is very dirty!
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    Just before Christmas I pulled out of the parking lot on my way home and in front of me was a Brownie with a hand flipping the bird on the back of the truck. Couldn't help but laugh as I wondered how long it would stay there. (It passed the driver pre-check!)
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    Our local sort hand washes the trucks, but they are dictated how many hrs per week may be used. That being said, our trucks are very filthy.
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    If the trucks got too dirty inside and out, I would suggest the drivers write them up as a safety concern ...
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    We used to have 2 car washers. That was cut to 1 several years ago, but every truck was washed every other day. Not terrible. Now every truck gets washed about every other week. Sometimes longer.
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    ^dirt is not a safety concern. I'm pretty creative but I'm not even sure how I could spin that one.

    ours get washed somewhat occasionally, but the one carwasher is a friend of mine and if I ask nice he will take care of it for me ;)
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    Tell them all the weight from the dirt is slowing you down plus it is using extra fuel...They understand things when money is involved!!
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    still not a safety concern no matter how blasphemous that is. hahaha
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    I believe it is a safety concern when the lights are so dirty, no one can see the hazards flashing away.
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    ooooohhhh, well played.
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    Yup, or when I have to use my clothes to clean them. I figured out where the hose was.
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    Between the dirt on the inside of the window, the outside of the window and the mirrors, it makes a sunny day not so sunny.
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    Here is a few concerns I could think of..

    -So dirty that you cant see the headlights/flashers/ reverse lights
    -So dirty the reflective tape is no longer reflective
    (360 degrees of visibility is limited)
    -So dirty you cant see the DOT number
    -So dirty you cant see if there was rust/shiny metal on the lug nuts (lug nuts backing out/loose)
    -So dirty the windshield and mirrors hinder your view
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    My package car was last washed in October :)