Can anyone tell me about Kaukauna, Wi?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Mack37, May 3, 2015.

  1. Mack37

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    My family is thinking about moving up to Appleton, Wi as it seems to be a great place for families. I currently work for a Chemical distribution company running LTL and tankers, our closest branch up there is Milwuakee so that is out.

    I'm not real familiar with the job market for drivers up there but, UPS freight seems to be a good gig. I can't really work less than 40 hours a week and certainly can't do winter layoffs so I guess that is what I'm most curious about.

    If the Kaukauna terminal isn't worth looking into, can anyone recommend a place that is? I have 10 years class A experience, 3 of those years hauling strictly Hazmat.

    Any info. is appreciated, thanks in advance.

    **Edit I'm looking at the city driver position although I wouldn't be completely opposed to a road position.
  2. silenze

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    Hope you like cold weather
  3. Mack37

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    HAHA, I actually prefer it, most of my family is from Moorhead, Mn. I'm not looking in Mn simply because it is too expensive and a little more isolated than the wife would like.

    She is from Missouri and we are currently in Metro Atlanta. Be a city driver down here in this mess and you will be begging for cold weather.
  4. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

    Not many ups freight guys here. The chances anyone has been there is pretty slim
  5. rod

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    All I know about Wisconsin is that they just got the "heaviest drinkers in the USA" award for drinking the most beer per capita than any other State and that the University of Wi. Madison is always in the top 5 party schools. Oh and one more thing--the Packers suck.:-)
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    Especially when they beat the Vikings twice every year.
  7. rod

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    Them and everyone else lately. I don't really follow them as close a lot of my friends but the talk on the street is we had a pretty good draft this year so watch out (ha-ha). I'm sure when they are able to move into their new multi-gazillion dollar stadium next year (?), being built for them by us taxpayer, they will do much better.
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    Sounds like a cheesy place to me.
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    I doubt you'd get anywhere near 40 hours a week,....

    Being in the bottom 10% of the board means IF they call you to work your only guaranteed 4 hours that day,...

    I know they have guys sitting home,..................