Catch up raise or bonus for ALL part time supervisors

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Time for change, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Time for change

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  2. BadIdeaGuy

    BadIdeaGuy Coronavirus? What coronavirus?

    Would love to know where you got that!
    (But fired sources can't leak stuff. So might be best to keep quiet on that. ;) )

    Checks out with what I've been told privately by a PT supervisor.
    Nice that they all get a solid raise. We wouldn't want them coming within 5 dollars of the lowly part timers. That'd be a tragedy.
  3. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    Yea would also be a shame if on car sups made as much as full scale drivers.
  4. dudebro

    dudebro Well-Known Member

    Classic example of union collective bargaining making a difference in the lives of non-union workers.
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  5. Satuirus2000

    Satuirus2000 Member

    I talked about this in a previous thread. It's sad that the company wants to take care of their own workforce but the union didn't fight at all for ANYTHING for their senior pt members. What a joke. How can the union look at PT members making over $13 with a straight face and say they could not get some kind of bonus or catch up raise when apparently the company has the money to do so for their pt sups? And this isn't a secret. The CEO had a press release about this!
  6. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    So apparently UPS isn’t worried about giving a huge bump to part timers yet Tony and a local paid financial analist seems to think UPS would go out of business? Hmmm
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  7. Dulce Bombón

    Dulce Bombón I'm Legal Gringo! UPS Latina Heat! Haters ❤ me!

    We we know what to do then. Vote Noups1.jpg
  8. Dulce Bombón

    Dulce Bombón I'm Legal Gringo! UPS Latina Heat! Haters ❤ me!

    Why you think the are working so dilingy lately and getting everyone out on time. :kickedoutsmile:?. As they establish they will meet with supervisor's to study their individual cases. They need to act, I meant, work hard for the money. I approach to one Sup he told me is only $4.00 dollars raise for part-timers. Who knows if he is telling the truth.
  9. This isn't a catch up raise. PT Supervisors below the new minimum will all be making the new minimum, no matter if they're at the old minimum or if they're $0.01 away from the new minimum. PT supervisors above the new minimum receive no change in their pay rate. So, not a catch up raise. Also, since PT supervisors get a raise at 6 months in addition to raises as part of the annual cycle like everyone... new PT supervisors will be making more than many veteran PT supervisors after they've been employed for 6 months.

    It's also not entirely motivated by a contractual increase for PT union employees, although that has pushed the issue. UPS has underpaid its PT supervisors for a long while now, a situation that isn't sustainable indefinitely; UPS needs to attract and retain PT supervisors that are good, and people who are actually good are the least likely to tolerate being significantly underpaid, since they're the most likely to realize that they're underpaid, and also most able to remedy that by finding another job.
  10. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    $1000 that hourlies don’t get is a catch up bonus. Still bs but better than we are getting.
  11. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    Equal in how poorly thought out it is. But the positive thing is part time hourlies will vote this contract down.
  12. cachmeifucan

    cachmeifucan Well-Known Member

    They should be thanking the union because we are pushing supervisor wages up. But we can't even help the long term employees. I'm happy for them but our starting wages need to start at 14 and some compensation for long-term employees. Plus multiple other improvements need to be made I'm voting no a hundred times
  13. BrownRecycler

    BrownRecycler Member

    It isn't a catch up if they are trying to make supervisor's wage balance not stick out like a sore thumb. This is a classic example of a financial hierarchy.

    We have already been getting leaflet staple to our pay stub for $18.75 an hour pt supervisor position opening. Our guys were laughing about it. Our union protection and benefit were too great to let go.
  14. Dulce Bombón

    Dulce Bombón I'm Legal Gringo! UPS Latina Heat! Haters ❤ me!

    Yayyyy. Everybody will be having money. Poor old us Part timers .70 we are competitive with the Chinese now. Keep the faith old timers, keep the faith!

  15. dudebro

    dudebro Well-Known Member

    What makes you think these aren't connected? Raising inside worker minimums necessitates raising PT sup compensation. It's part of the same cost. You could not sustainably raise inside worker compensation above that of the people who manage them.
  16. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    Hahaha you realize top rate drivers make more than on cars and there are part timers making 35 an hour!!!! Learn about UPS pay rates please.
  17. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    That is not correct in every case, at all. Sure, the 120k/year feeders or some of the ultimate OT money grubs in package might eclipse their on-car supervisors but overall, I'm guessing an average on-car in an average market makes a bit more than the average driver.

    Also, dudebro knows his/her stuff and definitely knows more than your or I about supervisor or mgmt salaries
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  18. Dulce Bombón

    Dulce Bombón I'm Legal Gringo! UPS Latina Heat! Haters ❤ me!

    I believe Sups are marginalized and mistreated, they only get incentives based on performance not as us union members. So, you can be years without being compen$ated. I believe its ok UPS in taking care of them somehow. I know for some its not fair, but at least is something they are not
    Its true..I get paid enough, Im here to support others, this contract is a
    VOTE NO. Don't focus only in the money its concessions, they are takers in this contract "DONT SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL:obeyhypnosmiley:" Read, analyzed the language.:gityasmiley::shutupsmiley::deletesmiley2:
  19. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    Lol! Obviously not!
  20. dudebro

    dudebro Well-Known Member

    I respectfully disagree about the PT sups - I was one for a few years while in college, and I've trained many up to this day.

    They get the same COLA like raises that union employees get, even if they hit the top of the pay band, the band usually increases a couple percent each year. Just as a 20 year PT hourly gets paid quite a bit, so too can a 20 year PT sup.

    They get premium pay over 27.5 and time/half after 40. Some get additional gainsharing bonuses based on the performance of the operation as a whole in certain key measures. They get tuition reimbursement, and there's no wait for healthcare, even if that's not Teamcare.

    They aren't getting "catch-up" raises if they're already over the minimums, same as the current tentative agreement for Teamsters.

    They can still request to go driving if they feel they've erred in choosing frontline management.