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    But the problem isn’t with Houston, or Obama. It’s with those who wish to slime him.This is the kind of dirty politics we can expect the right wing to disgrace themselves this election season.

    This started with a report run by the Fox affiliate in Houston. As the station’s report makes clear, “The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign.”
    So, right off the bat, every desperate far-right blogger who said the Obama campaign’s official Houston office features a Che/Castro flag is mistaken.
    The reality is, a volunteer found office space in advance of actual campaign staffers arriving in Houston. One of these volunteers put up the flag, presumably taken from some dorm-room wall. When actual, paid campaign aides show up - they’re due by the end of the week - one can safely assume the flag will be gone.

    Here's another bogus smear campaign on Barack;
    “This was not during the pledge of allegiance,” Obama said of the picture taken at Senator Tom Harkin’s, D-Iowa, annual steak fry and first published by Time. “A woman was singing the Star Spangled Banner when that picture was taken.

    “I was taught by my grandfather that you put your hand over your heart during the pledge, but during the Star Spangled Banner, you sing!” Obama said.

    Obvisously, your mind (not the voters) is already made up when you run with a story b-4 you check the facts

    As for not wearing a flag pin, I’m happy to see a major political figure like Obama stand up against faux symbols of patriotism, as if the bigger your lapel pin, the more patriotic you are. Besides show me a flag pin not made in China.
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    I cannot believe that this person wants to be President of the United States. He cannot even follow the custom of putting his right hand over his heart during the national anthem. It is beyond belief that someone would vote for this guy. His excuse is that his grandfather told him not to but he supposedly graduated law school. Well it is no wonder he wants to surrender to the terrorists.
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    What do you expect from a guy with the middle name of HUSSEIN ?????:dissapointed:
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    I'd like to take issue with the idea that everyone adhere's to the "custom" the Gov't(US Code) is telling you putting the hand over heart during the National Anthem. We've been to enough ball games to know that most people simply remove their hats (reserving the full hand-on-heart treatment for the Pledge).

    A photo taken this summer at the Demolition Derby in Delaware County, NY, that corroborates this. The county is conservative and God-fearing and deeply patriotic. Before the cars start smashing into each other, everyone sings the Star Spangled Banner. Here's a photo of the grandstand at that moment.

    Note that only a few percent of the attendees have their hands over their heart. Far more have their hands clasped in front of them, just like Obama.

    Moreluck, are you still playing the muslim card ? If it's any consellation, Obama is 1/2 white, Christian male running for President.
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    Diesel how many of those people are running for President of the United States? None of them would get my vote either.
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    I don't have to read smear campaigns to not like the guy, I just don't agree with his politics or share any of his socialist views. He is the most liberal candidate when it comes to the 2nd amendment where he has stated he wants to ban the sale, possession, and manufacturing of all handguns. Obama wants to bring us socialized medicine, ignoring the simple fact that the government cannot provide us with decent health care, and should not. Obama will not make the bush tax cuts permanent when we need it most. Most importantly Obama will not make this country any safer from terrorists as he will pull us out of Iraq prematurely. Giving Al qaeda free reign over Iraq to turn it into another Afghanistan where they can train a whole new crop of terrorists to begin attacking us on our own soil.

    The bottom line is he will not be the best man to put into the white house next November, and we can only hope the American people will open their eyes to this should be become the nominee.
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    Just give it up! Take your logic and rational thinking and just go somewhere else! :wink2:

    It's ashame we don't have pictures of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson when they were President showing Obama and the rest of us the proper way to stand and salute to the flag during the national anthem. I know they didn't have cameras and all and....uh.....hey wait a minute.........let me.....oh WOW, they didn't have a National Anthem to begin with. OMG! Or a pledge of alliegence! WHAT THE!

    How in the world did they display their patriotism in public? OH MY, pledging to the flag is a 20th century invention so they didn't have such things at that time. How can that be? How could this country go 100 plus years and not only survive but grow in a mighty way without such things? How can they not have created objects and means for people to show everyone else that they are patriotic? Is this not a necessary thing and a must have to show you are patriotic and love your country?

    You mean they spent all that time drafting documents like the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the Mecklenburg Accords, Virginia Declaration of Rights or Speeches like "Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death" and finally even with it's flaws, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and in none of that, these men saw no reason or need to make up a pledge of alliegence, a national anthem and a ceremony of public display to respect the flag in order to show patriotic alliegnece? You mean at public gatherings they never started off by dooign such things because they had nothing to work with!

    Why, what does that say about those men of that day?


    Did you ever feel like a man who came prepared to play chess but those all around only had the mental capacity at best to shoot marbles!

    YO D! Hold the door man, as I'm coming with you. Grab a couple of brews from the fridge and I'll get the chessboard!

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    Why can't we have a nice national anthem like Canada's? I like their National Anthem. And I know that comment had to do specifically with the music arrangement and style (our national anthem music structure is hard to sing, musically not lyrically) and nothing else and now some pea brain(s) is gonna make the comment about "well you should move to Canada" or some other display that exhibits their total lack of mental capacity so let's see who the first one is that's going to step up and do that for us!

    Sorry D.


    I know you're holding the door.


    OK! OK! I'm moving! I'm moving!

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    I disagree with just about all your views about Obama but respect your right for having an opinion without adding overbearing falsehoods as "communist" (as the author of this thread did) or "muslim" tag to Obama.

    As far as Iraq and our Nat'l Security, after 5 years of the Republican foreign policy since Iraq and the bumper sticker slogan "war on terror", not only have we lost 3 to 4 thousand US and Coalition soldiers, and spent 1/2 a trillion, we and our allies are LESS safer than in 2003' by the sheer rise in numbers of terrorist breeding in the middle east and around the world. I believe a CHANGE is due, not Bush III (McClain) the hundred year war supporter.
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    You know Barack's slogan "Yes we can".....Well I found a GOP spin on the subject referring to it as "No you can't".

    Then I looked further and found John McClain getting into the act.

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    I don't know what videos you saw but neither of those were produced by any GOP or McCain supporter. They both appeared to be false political rhetoric coming from the DNC.
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    You need to pull up your big boy pants too!
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    Ok the curiosity is killing me. I'm sure you have a specific example in mind when you bring up Washington and Jefferson. I am guessing the link you are trying to make would be a specific law from the country that they helped start that these men broke. Maybe because diesel said that Osama Obama's grandfather told him to do it you are thinking about Washington's grandpappy. Washington was in the military no that is not what he has in common with Obama. Maybe you mean that Washington and Jefferson wanted a new Government that would be limited and protect civil liberties and Obama wants a new Government that is large and intrusive.

    You ask what does it say about these men? These men were tired of new taxes imposed on them among many other things. They wanted no tax unless it was in direct proportion to the census. I am guessing since that is the opposite of what Obama wants and these men broke away from England you are saying that he may want to break away from the US?

    Maybe you are saying that since the law did not exist then that Obama is saying that we should not follow any law that did not exist then? I really do not think that is what Obama or Diesel want.

    Not trying to pick a fight just wondering what you had in mind here.
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    Oh yes you are! :happy-very:

    My point if you will take the time is that the whole salute the flag, pledge thing is a 20th century phenom. Until the 50's the proper salute was arm extended like the Nazi salute but with palm turned upward. This whole thing is a carry over of empire and nationalism and promoting that thought to make the individual secondary and the nationstate primary. Washington/Jefferson and the like held the opposite view if you will and thus probably one reason why there was no such thing as the pledge or any other public display of citizenship loyality and love of the nationstate in their time.

    I just think that if you hold Obama to that standard and only on that point, then you must also hold that Washington/Jefferson and the like should also be held in that same view as at the least, they felt it not worthy of fulfilling. Besides historically the flag is a symbol of nationstate gov't and jurisdiction not a symbol of the people that make up a nation.

    That was my point!

    OK, your turn to counterpunch!
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    I saw this and thought of you guys:
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    Nope I was wondering why you picked those two guys I know you had a reason. You could have probably found someone who had political desires like Obama who refused to do this also since this law has been enacted.

    I thought maybe you were saying that Washington and Jefferson did not like being a part of the British empire so they violated the laws of the crown and started their own country. Obama does not like being an American so he violates the law and has Diesel claiming that he did not know any better. He has so far proposed almost 1 trillion dollars of new spending and now he says he may not pull our troops out of Iraq. Maybe he does not want to start a new country but he sure says he wants to change many things with this one and none that I can see would be for the better.

    Again you pick a couple of men from 200 years ago for a reason and I was just curious what the real reason was. I really do not think that it was because Diesel would like the form of government they envisioned. Heck I don't think Hussein Obama would like it either.

    Our Federal government for better or worse looks far different today than it did then. The control it has over our daily lives is much like what they were trying to leave behind.(not exactly but in a different way)
    I thought also maybe you were saying that these men today would advocate the violation of this law. If that is true and I really don't think it is the other parts of government that your fan club love so much would they not want to rid our country of that as well.

    Hey I am all for limited Government control of my life, but when people try and tell me someone would make a good president but they are also to stupid to know what to do during the national anthem even a bad version of it is just silly. Heck he could have looked at everyone else on stage and known what to do. I think he knew what to do and he did not want to much like his Pledge of allegiance stance because of the war.

    I would want someone running for President to know and follow federal law. This also goes for someone wanting my vote for the Senate or House.

    You say to hold Washington and Jefferson to the same standard that I would hold Obama or Clinton or Thompson or McCain or whoever else. Washington and Jefferson are not running for president which is why it peaked my interests to why you picked these two out of the thousands that you could have picked. I still think you have a reason but if you do not want to share I sure can't force you to. Anyway there is plenty for me to dislike about Obama and this is just one small thing.
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    It gives me great comfort to know that you have so many other reasons to dislike Obama. You know you and Hillary have a lot in common. You 2 should hook up sometime!

    To make sure I'm not violating some unknown law I'll :salute: to conclude this post. I'd hate to go to jail or disrespect some local custom.

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