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    Since management continues to inform delivery/pickup couriers everyday they MUST run 100% on their routes, more couriers are asking managers for a checkride on their routes, but are being told the station is not properly staffed with enough managers, so a checkride isn't possible at this time, BUT "WE STILL NEED YOU GUYS TO RUN 100%, regardless of the problems you may be experiencing on your routes that may be interfere with you making your goals daily !
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    This is a widepread problem. In other words, you must provide 100%, but they don't have to, as evidenced by their inability to provide checkrides.
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    Management won't come ride with the courier until THEY have to, so some couriers have decided to break certain company rules to make the numbers for the manager, in some cases risking their safety, along with the safety of others. You wouldn't believe how ppl I work with, that are literately being terrorized and being held hostage by management. Management threatens to issue out an OLCC, warning letters, and/or take away overtime from these guys !
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    I didn't hit my numbers for July. Missed by less than 1%. The reason was easy, they jacked with my pick ups half of the month making me do another guy's pups that involved driving a lot further. Not to mention, I'm in a 17 SPH area but, he's in a 12 SPH area. They held me to my numbers.

    So, the silly consequence of me not hitting my numbers last month was that everyday this month I got my SPH report from the day before. I had to sign every one of them whether or not I made goal. On every one of them I wrote "I want a check ride"
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    Guys are refusing to sign those reports, and some managers are threatening them with an olcc if they don't sign them.
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    Sometimes there are things in my "mailbox" for me to sign and return that just seem to disappear.
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    Lack of managers isn't the courier's problem. That should fall on the shoulders of the district office but apparently they don't feel like fixing the problem 'cause that'd be work for them.
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    Threats? Intimidation? At FedEx? You must be talking about some other company. Boy, do you have a bad attitude.
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    Just got back from vacation and 10 of them were in my mailbox, oops, they all found their way into the circular file! Only one thing I want in my mailbox, my paycheck!


    Uh-oh..another one of those danged union sympathizers...hope he has a new pen for all the OLCC's and letters he's about to get!

    DOWNTRODDEN IN TEXAS Active Member want to get PAID for working at the wonderful world of uncle Fredly??!! Are YOU one of those union sympathizers, with your contracts, pensions and better pay too?? (you know this is how MT3 and the Memphites see all of us..)
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    As far as I'm concerned (and, I could be way wrong) OLCCs don't mean jack squat unless you're in a GFT session. (which, I never have been)
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    I asked for one on the HD side when they thought i was "milking it"

    come ride with me and give me suggestions on how to improve my stops-per-road hour when I am currently doing 12-15 now...

    they forgot as an hourly peak temp driver that we get paid once we step in the building to pre-load & sort our own vehicles (takes up to 2 hours) then gets paid to drive to the 1st stop... and finally gets paid to drive back to the terminal

    under a sub-contractor, we don't get paid for all that extra work... just by the stop or flat rate for the day
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    And to avoid the abuse and harassment and retaliation that managers heap on couriers, these couriers routinely work through unpaid breaks just to barely make these productivity goals. Complain, do not make your numbers or stand up to the flagrant disregard of safety and you will be targeted, receive multiple OLCC's or letters and driven out. If you are a senior courier the threat level rises exponentially.
    I have kept a file of double sheets found in trash cans for years now. Is there a reason why the couriers using these hand written sheets are hand entering the airbill numbers (all releases) mostly after their breaks are over?
    Does management have the ability to run a report to see who is hand entering airbill numbers. Of course they do! Do they run these reports and follow up on it, Hell no.
    I was the safest driver in my station, a real supporter of the company, and because of who I am as a person, loved customer service and my job.
    When I stood up to management about safety concerns, falsification, and manager deficiency I was shown the door after 20 years. Fred, are you watching?
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    Well... OLCC's aren't just a slap on your wrist.

    If you are not a "repeat offender", they do just amount to a documented slap on the wrist.

    The reason Express does the OLCC "thing" is that it allows them to possess documentation that a particular employee did indeed commit a "transgression" - for which they have chosen not to "offer" a Warning Letter. Many times, the evidence for the transgression is so slim, that if they tried to offer a Warning letter and the employee GFT-ed it, management would lose.

    However, by compiling OLCC's, Express is able to use "prior history" as a justification for issuing a Warning letter if something does come up in the future. If an employee does transgress in a manner that they have been previously issued an OLCC for, they will receive a Warning letter for that. Express will compile OLCCs on troublesome employees solely to give them the ammunition to start kicking out Warning letters should they so choose. This is their legal cover for getting rid of employees which they no longer want. Have a union agitator in the station, start issuing OLCCs for trivial issues and even trumped up issues - to either intimidate or build documentation to support Warning letters in the future. I was there, experienced it.

    As you well know, the things which OLCCs can be issued for are for whatever management decides they want to spend the time entering the data into your personnel file. If an employee isn't causing management trouble, they tend to ignore minor issues that come up (the "nasty gram" in your mail box). If they are gunning to either scare you or outright get rid of you, then every little thing that you do (or they can trump up) will result in an OLCC - which they can then use against you at a future date to issue a warning letter.

    I've also know that of late, Warning letters are being issued with built in "probation clauses" - if you get a Warning Letter for issue X, any recurrence of issue X in a 90 day period following the issuance date of the Warning Letter will constitute grounds for termination. So the old "three strikes and you're out" (Three active warning letters to terminate), seems to be more or less redundant, and it is now "one strike and another within 90 days - and you're out".

    Don't take OLCC's lightly. You can't refuse or contest them, they stay in your record permanently and they can be used to justify issuance of Warning letters should management so desire. OLCCs are management's secret weapon to give them and FedEx legal cover to eventually dump you should they desire.
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    I'll guarantee 'ya that MT3 and the Memphis upper management have a contract with Fred. Don't let 'em fool you.


    They don't have contracts with just Freddy-pooh, they also signed with ol' Beelzbub too, ala Faust and his deal with the Devil. I can't wait till the day that the other side of that contract is won't be pretty.
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    Just to be clear, this isn't entirely true. They can be deleted. I have had one of mine deleted. That said, they rarely ever are.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Ours remain in our files for 9 months.
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    Mine took 4 years to be deleted. That was only after a Senior and I were talking about discipline policies for the hell of it.