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    I'm on the safety committee and I was just wondering if anyone knows where on here or upsers I could find support,info on what others are doing, or anything for that matter... Ive been a co chair for a little over a year and I was just browsing to see what others were doing to get ideas and such. I went to UPSers and didn't find much and I also browsed a little bit on here and got the same results.There's nothing specific I'm looking for just ideas, info, and thoughts of other committee members.
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    Tell everyone to be safe then recite the ten point commentary. Then you do the hokey pokey and turn your self around that's what it's all about.
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    I wish it was that easy...haha!
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    buddy you finally made me laugh
    wasn't CHSP a hit show in the late 70's?
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    Yea it had that cop Poncho and I forget the other guys name. I think they were motercycle cops.
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    Go to the local grocery store, find the blueberry muffins that are past expiration and half price, then find case of room temperature Evian "spring" water. Bring those to work with a pin the tail on the donkey and a blindfold and you somehow have contributed to UPS safety and made for a Target Zero Friday.
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    That site is good for one thing and one thing only - knowing on Wednesday how much your paycheck is going to be. Other than that, it's a waste of bandwidth.
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    Sgt. Joe Getraer.
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    Well JonClayton, as you can see you aren't likely to get much serious help here either. There seems to be a lack of knowledge on this site of safety programs that might actually help the committees. I would suggest you do an internet search for safety committees in general and work toward more specific details.
    Good luck.
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    You need to access the UPS intranet from a computer physically located inside a UPS facility. On the right hand side of the home page, you will see a link for "Health and Safety". It is the same link used to access Liberty Mutual's SAFE system.
    From there, there is a ton of information out there for you to use. Best practices, common forms, self-check card and observation form creator, posters, slideshows, pictures from other accidents/injuries, etc... it's best to just take some time and explore.
    All kinds of links to other useful sites.

    There is a section within that safety site that contains a "blog" and forum area. There you will find members of other CHSP committees from all over the country and Canada as well. There is an abundance of information and idea sharing going on there.
    You will need to ask your manager or supervisor to create an active directory ID for you to be able to post to the forum.
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    "It`s the drivers fault"
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    Enough said.
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    awesome. Exactly what I was wanting. Much thanks and appreciation! It seems like not many people take it serious, but I do...thanks a lot!
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    I take safety very seriously.

    I do not take UPS's so-called "safety committees" very seriously.

    What you will learn, sooner or later, is that UPS's philosophy on safety is very simple; safety begins and ends with the ability to recite a commentary and memorize an acronym.

    What you will learn, sooner or later, is that your job as a "Safety Commitee" member is not to help create a safer workplace. Your only job is to help the company get a passing grade on a Keter audit.

    If you think I am wrong, then try this; at your next "Safety Committee" meeting, try bringing up subjects such as unfair time allowances, overdispatching, overcrowded facilities, or ergonomically deficient package cars that lack power steering or 3 pt seat belts. Let us know how willing the company is to address and correct these issues. You will many have before you...that the company will do nothing about these issues.

    Its not about safety. Its about paying lip service to safety. When you finally get sick and tired of playing the same stupid word games over and over and quit the will simply be replaced with someone else.
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    I am truly impressed by your desire to learn from others. It is an admirable quality.

    As a relative newcomer to the CHSP Committee Hourly Co-Chair position, I need to urge you make certain that you and your Hourly Committee members follow the National Master Agreement as it pertains to safety.

    Article 18 covers Safety Related Issues, and you will find information directly pertaining to Safety and Health Committees in Article 18 Section 20.4.

    It is also critical to the well being of UPS and to all UPS employees, that you and every member of your Committee are strictly following the Comprehensive Health and Safety Process Committee Member Handbook.

    The IBT and UPS are in complete agreement that the safety of the employees and the general public is of the utmost importance.

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    Learn how lead 5 second stetching exercises,post useless info on the board,go on spy missions with management,and read useless info to the group at the pcm.That pretty much sums up what you will be doing.