College students unit!

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    Hello, all! I applied for a seasonal driver helper position. On the app, there were a few choices I could choose for my available hours. I was only able to pick two because of my class schedule. I have class MWF 11am-2pm and TuTh 9am-10:30am. I was wondering if this will affect me getting hired because of my limited availability during a majority of the weekdays? I've heard they are flexible with students, and I've also heard they aren't. I just wanted to get this cleared up before the appointment/interview/tour/whatever is going on, on Monday. Thanks! :smart:
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    They aren't.
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    I don't see that working at all.
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    They are semi-flexible for PT'ers, depending on the FT supervisor and building management. But that just ain't gonna happen as a seasonal driver.

    At the very most, I was allowed to miss one day/per week for a class (grad-level capstone) that I was required to take in order to graduate.
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    Was this a call for college students to unite or was this a shoutout to the college students unit?

    Paint me befuddled. : /
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    Heh heh heh... He said "unit".
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    Haha, talk about a typo...thanks for all the input though.
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    ​I just opened another beeah. How about you?
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    With those school hours, you could pretty much work any shift at UPS. a lot of hubs/centers don't have shifts that run between 9am-12pm. Good luck
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    Just got home, one opened.
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    "Seven years of college down the drain"
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    My third sophomore year was the best!
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    Don't they list the hours helpers generally work on the upsjobs website? Pretty sure they