Comparing 2 Important Gov't Institutions

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    Interesting how similar they are!
  2. trplnkl

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    They are similar but for vastly different reasons.
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    With the growing popularity of home schooling, only one of the two institutions has a mandatory membership.
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    Didn't you go to school?:wink2: It was a sentence, alright.
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    It would seem both prepare you to work in Corporations. :wink2:
  6. klein

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    If I would have done home schooling, I wouldn;t have done that well.
    School was at times for me a big competition, esspecially in the later years - (who can do better, and who can ace the tests).
    At home, you don't have that competition.

    Plus my parents would have never had the time for that, anyways.
    And don't forget the social skills students learn at school - even when it's hard to get along with others, and public speaking, etc.

    I personally can't see home schooling having an advantage.
  7. menotyou

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    Tim's daughter quit school at 16. She got knocked up by another winner who quit school at 15. I have issues with how the dress those girls, let alone school them. They ARE NOT capable.
    That being said, the school systems these days are a joke. Teachers are too busy keeping up with the miles of regulation Albany is constantly put out to teach like they use to.
    Sierra has a kid who won't leave her alone on the bus. Always wants to play monsters.
    Makenzie is in 1st grade and they have CHEERLEADERS!!! Are you kidding me???? All the popular girls in one.
    I can't believe they have to deal with that while trying to learn. Guess what? She wants to be one.
    The social skills learned in school today are not the social skills we learned however many years ago. Sex ed?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Home schooling has both pros and cons. Students being home schooled still have to follow the same curriculum and take the same standardized tests but they have the advantage of a much lower student/teacher ratio. In some districts the students are allowed to participate in extra curricular activities offered by the school that they would be attending but, as Klein said, they lose out on developing the social skills which they will need upon graduation.

    I have one customer who used to home school their children. The kids are now in public schools and the parents are happy that they made the change. The only downside is they have picked up a few words that they probably wouldn't have learned if still home schooled.

    Speaking of schools--I deliver to three of them, one of them being a high school, and I can tell you that dress code and silent order seem to have gone out the window.
  9. klein

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    I don't know how schools are now, bet we had sports, gymnastics, soccer, etc. Wood working shop, Photography, Music or cooking, foreign languages, even the school newspaper which I volunteerd my time in.
    Dancing and school parties, too.

    A lot to offer that students wouldn't get at home.
  10. menotyou

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    The dress code!! Makenzie gets upset with me because I refuse to dress her like a, well, uhmm, you know.
    Her other grandmother had no problem, as she dresses that way. Thank God, she moved to Florida for the winter. Her unemployment ran out here. Gone to mooch somewhere else, I guess.
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    Being a home schooled family. The social skills logic is totally ignorant. Our kids have no problem dealing with the outside world. That is up to the parents. My oldest finished at home at 16. Went to local community college and graduated at 18. Now is taking the nursing program and will be a nurse at21. Socializing is the education dept excuse. It is a drain on purse strings w/o both parents working. But, worth every moment we get to spend with them all.
  12. trplnkl

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    So short sighted Klein.
    We had sports but my only participation was one year of jr high football and gym class. I played baseball(outside of school) as a kid and then softball as an adult until I was in I was 48. There are gymnastic schools in every town of any size. so on and so on. You didn't list one thing that schools provide that a student can't get at home. I see that being on the school newspaper didn't help you learn to spell volunteered. No. I'm NOT the spelling police, just making a point. Fell free to point out any of my misspelling if you want to retaliate.

    Granted some parents aren't capable of home schooling, but that isn't even to point I was making with Wkmac.

    Great post 10 2 go.
  13. klein

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    I don't know how schools are there in the US.
    But, even track & field was great. Those touraments we had against other schools, and I always got a few ribbons.

    We played many soccer games, too, a lot of them off school hrs... playing against other classes.
    I only recall 1, maybe 2 overweight students in my class and surrounding B & C classes.

    We didn't have video games, computers and texting back in those days.
    We couldn't even use the home phone to call up our friends, since back in Germany those local calls were 50 pfennigs each... so we just always walked to meet our friends.
    Oh yeah, I have never been driven to school either !

    And driving age in Germany is 18, so you'll basically never see students driving up with cars to high school, either.
    Besides, it requires mandatory professional driving school hrs, (back then 25 hrs), plus mandatory autobahn hrs, night time hrs, and freeway hrs.
    Plus a 2 day CPR course , also mandatory.
    Costed me apprx $2000 back then in 1981, and that was done with minimum hrs and passing both tests (written and road) at first try.

    I will never regret those great years I had in school.
  14. trplnkl

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    Good grief, how do you come up with this stuff than has nothing to do with home schooling pros/cons (legal driving ages, really)? You need to think about what you are posting before you hit the reply button. You just listed a couple of things that not only can be done with home schooling but are actually reasons to home school.

    I'm sorry but I think you need a steady girlfriend.
  15. klein

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    If kids aren't already getting fat, can you imagine them just staying at home all day long ?
  16. Baba gounj

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    Klein , our prisons have more education materials and physical workout equipment then most school systems.
    You can have special foods prepared for you according to your religious needs, too.
    Along with free medical care.
    I suggest you try checking them out.
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    IMO, one of the best talks at TED which has many, many awesome conversations.

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    It just shows what is needed for one to "learn a lesson". A third category could also be the office cubicle !
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    The illegal aliens, pedophiles, serial murderers, and the Bernie Madoffs lining our prison walls are treated 100x better than our future, the children.
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    You'd have to ask your classmates!!