Confused about 30/60/90.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by EasyTrucker, Apr 1, 2013.

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    When I attended the rally in Feb, Hoffa and hall said UPS wanted all employees in a UPS healthcare plan to pay 30/60/90 a week for healthcare. I believe the original statement on said this too, but it is no longer on the site, anyone have that? Does this mean that all UPS employees already in Teamster healthcare plans wouldn't be forced to pay 30/60/90? I think they are being very vague about this.
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    I agree, especially since one of the fixes to this that the teamsters offered was to move everyone into the teamster plan to avoid paying the $90 per week. Presently, close to 50% of fulltime employees are in the ups health plan. It seems these are the employees who are being asked to pay the 30/60/90. I'd like some clarity on this as well.
  3. EasyTrucker

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    Before this whole mess, I thought all FT Teamsters were in Teamster plans and PT Teamsters were in UPS plans. Learn something new all the time.
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    This is just my opinion... hall said on the website that we won't pay $90 dollars we won't pay $9 dollars and we won't pay 9 cents. This has since been taken down off of our teamster website. What it tell's me is that those who are covered by the National master contract will be paying something for their healthcare.
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    It varies so much from local to local ... on a lot of things.

    This has become my starting point on any replly, "It depends on your local."
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    if we just accept it, that's exactly what it means. Hopefully we will not be accepting that! of we are not willing to fight back, then we deserve what we get.
    another thing. I find it hard to believe hall is going to back up on what he said. he would lose all credibility after being so emphatic about not paying a penny for healthcare.
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    hall will not go back on $90-$9-$.09 !!!!! We will get a great contract that includes liberal raises along with the same great insurance and benefits. We do need to catch up the part-time wages, they've been shafted some over the years. Full timers deserve every penny they receive, they make it happen ! I know all of management work hard and deserve their salaries and bonus, Mr. Davis as CEO deserves his pay, he has a lot of responsibility. But let's face it, as good as management and supervisors are, and there are some good ones. Without the backs of the hourlies, UPS does not profit $ 4 Billion, maybe not even $ 400 Million. Stop the harassment, be happy, and let everyone share in the pie !!!
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    There are almost 4 months left before the current agreement expires.

    Negotiations are ongoing. Nothing has been decided. Nothing has been agreed upon yet. And if you ultimately dont like the proposal that hall and the company do finally agree upon, you can simply vote "no".
  10. Monkey Butt

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    The part-timers have been shafted by the full-timers.
    The full-timers always insisted they get all the benefits and big raises (above inflation rate).
    I find your post either disingenious or reflective of your ignorance.