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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Joseph Grimm, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Joseph Grimm

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    I have noticed that UPS has been deliberately shifting some of its' costs of doing business onto its' workers. Cleaning the insides of package cars (C Wash) has not been done for 2+ years at our center. If you want a clean cab or cargo area you end up doing it yourself on a late lunch break. Cleaning of uniforms is done by individual drivers. There is no longer any cleaning service. Calling customers for inclement weather packages, and undeliverable packages (NSN, NEED APT#, etc) is expected to be done by delivery driver.
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    The only one of those I do for free is the laundry, which we have never had a service for in the 20 years I been here, I do deduct that cost from income taxes at the end of thee year though. Cleaning the truck is done by me, on the clock. My lunch time is for me, I do nothing related to UPS during that period, not even look at the DIAD. We have clerks to look up bad addresses or other non deliverables, I do not.

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    AMEN! I cant believe that people get pressured into doing so much garbage.
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    Tell your steward you problems. Im sure if you are in a good local they have grievances filed on the car wash and clerk problems you speak of.
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    Take the $10/week ($520) for uniform maintenance off of your taxes (if you itemize). Calling customers is simply good customer service.
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    Take the $10/week ($520) for uniform maintenance off of your taxes (if you itemize).

    Upstate and anyone else for that matter, you don't claim the weekly $10 for the weeks you are on vacation do you??

    SWORDFISH New Member

    Excellent point! LOL. What if he still washes and wears his uniform while hes on vacation?
  8. soberups

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    Uh, no, I end up doing it myself while on the clock.

    If the cab needs to be cleaned out I write it up and carwash is supposed to do it. If they dont do it, I will be more than happy to....for about $40 an hour on OT.
  9. soberups

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    I wash my own uniform because I put it on and take it off at home. Changing in the locker room at work means spending an additional 10 minutes of my life at UPS every day without getting paid for it. I have enough uniforms that I just throw one big "brown load" in the wash over the weekend and I'm done. My wife works in an office, and we spend a small fortune on dry-cleaning and suitable business attire for her. Free uniforms are a huge benefit, that far outweighs the negligible amount of time I spend washing them.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's an excellent point. I simply used $10/week times 52 weeks. I will be sure to deduct vacations from now on. Thanks.
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    It could still come to 52 weeks if sometimes you have a spill or something and would have to send in for cleaning a couple extra times.....say 5 or 6 and that would come to your 52 weeks even with vacation. No red flags there. I think you're OK for claiming 52 weeks.......but I won't come to your audit with you !!

    That 'happy meal' sauce is hard to get out !!
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    Hopefully nobody from the IRS is monitoring this site. If they are...........I'll toot my horn as I drive by the chain gang on the side of the road. (you don't have to wave back, I don't want you to get shot).:happy2: