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    I've heard several times that peak season doesn't count towards your 30 days for seniority. When does "peak" start? I've heard that it starts in November. I passed the class in March instead of taking a second job thinking that once I got seniority I could learn more routes and have the option to work more frequently. I currently have driven 21 days, do I even have a chance of making seniority or has it been a waste of time?
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    Probably a waste of time.
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    Believe the free period starts Oct 1st.
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    is that why ups supplies those?? lol
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    We had several drivers in the same situation you described. They were all kept on. Unless you are a complete loser and are DQed. Good luck.
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    Here in the South, peak days count towards your 30 days. So a less than adequate driver can qualify during this period, simply because they need the body count during peak.( course if they want to dq than they face more sup working grievances )! All depends on where you are at.
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    I qualified as a cover driver during peak of 2012, I was at like 28 days in 2011, anyways when I went full time a month ago I was good to go as a f/t seniority driver.
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    peak starts Nov. long as you start prior to Nov.1st...the days after more than likely will have to file for it but they count...if your first day Is after Nov. 1st then no seniority...
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    that's by the Atlantic Area Supplement
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    I'm in the South (north florida). It doesn't make sense to me to drive during peak if it doesn't count towards my seniority if I can still be dq'ed. I can work doubles in the hub and make close to the same money with less stress. Plus, if I'm only gonna get 21 days next year before peak I can't afford to drive anyway(vs working a second job). I'm sure if I play they're game I will make more in the long run but I've got to keep my electricity on too.
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    I believe you have a good point. I also can make more money working doubles in the hub Better then driving around in the dark until 10:00PM in the dark looking for an address that isn't even there in a truck with no heat and zero degrees.
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    This is what happen when there is language in the contract for PT cover driver UPS will use and abuse it. IF the Ptimers took a stand and didn't sign the list to be a PT cover driver UPS would have to hire more FT cover drivers. As casual only can be used during certain period of the year.

    I'm a FT cover driver that makes FT drivers pay I drive everyday just like any other driver with an assigned route. I just don't have a assigned route I fill in or run splits. I'm guaranteed 8 hrs a day.

    I'm also sad to say that PT cover language got put in are new ratified supplement.
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    I guess I made the 30 days. A few days after my original post I was called in to ride with the sup to cover a route I haven't done before and she said I made the 30 days she just had to finish filling out my packet and get the center manager to sign off on it. Since then I've been called in to do the route I was trained on, shuttle packages to other drivers(awesome), and then yesterday I was called in to run a junk route blind.
    That junk route sucked, 140+stops, 240 miles (a large chunk of that being barely passable dirt roads with no signs). I didn't make it in till 10:20. Otherwise, they say I'm doing really well. I've only had people come take stops off of me once when I got sick (stomach virus) on route, and I usually come in under even on the days when I take a lunch. I know, I know, I should always take my lunch, but some days it's more important for me to be able to spend a little time at home after work.