Crazy. 8 hour dispatch.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Skooney, Dec 21, 2018.

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    Love ya buddy. Have a shot!!!
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    BakerMayfield2018 Fight the power.

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    BakerMayfield2018 Fight the power.

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    Not sure why you didn’t pour me one?
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    @silverbullet2893 style??? Nuclear Annihilation....
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    Fat head on the end?
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    Local place. All local Ohio beers only.
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    upsbeernut Sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i dont

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    upsbeernut Sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i dont

    Cool fresher the better
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    What makes you think they have to put this together "in a span of mere months"?
    I submit that they are already holding auditions over the past 3 months and have years to tinker and perfect.

    ....and what makes you think that the Company wants them to stick around??

    When these employees hire in at half scale, with an enormous amount of flexibility in job content and scheduling, 4 year progression, no vacations for a year, while not vesting for 5 years in a now single employee pension fund (Central Region), wouldn't it be advantageous to have a high off-street turnover rate???

    Does this sound familiar?....(part timers)

    22.4 will be the only gateway to becoming a regular package car driver for part time employees (who don't wan't the job to begin with) off-street 22.4's will be the new high turnover, discounted classification for the Company.
    ORION is likely nothing what it seems to be on the surface....and it certainly has nothing to do with saving fuel.

    I believe the Company is using ORION to catalog data, as it goes from mandatory to completely ignored from week, to month, to year.

    At the very least, it's to assist inexperienced drivers, while the inverse fringe edge is ORION is being perfected for autonomous vehicle programming.
    The Company has a plan and they will execute it, while reinterpreting, exploiting, and perverting this poorly written 22.4 hybrid driver language.

    ....and yes, part of "the plan" is to have as many RPCD's as possible to tap out on any given day, allowing the full twenty five percent of 22.4's to drive as much as possible.

    So when you get that call, what will you do???
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  19. Deb killed him
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    When I first started driving, I honest-to-god, thought that Orion was a marketing gimmick. Have our trucks driving down the same streets, over and over, make it seem like UPS is omnipresent.
    Also, the first thing I was tought as a driver was to turn off odo.