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  1. Tommytorque

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    I thinking about applying at the Dallas hub. I am currently a L1 certified mechanic at a Toyota dealership. Can someone tell me what the work hours are like for newbies there? Also what kind of management decisions pose the biggest problems? Is it easy to get a tour of the facility?
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    I know they give tours for part time people, not sure about mechanics. I never went to the Dallas hub. Went to Mesquite a bunch of times in my career though. From what I saw in the hub I worked in, it looks there are 3 kinds of mechanics that I ran across. Package car, tractor and trailers. The noobs almost certainly work nights, at least initially. There wasn't much OT for mechanics here, I guess because they had to give up their stall to the next guy coming on duty. I know their pay is right up there with the top drivers, plus they get an annual tool allowance. There are several mechanics who frequent this forum, judging by their handles, and I'm sure someone will jump in and give you more precise answers to your questions. Good luck to you, sir.
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    In my hub You bid on working hours by senority
    So your probably working the overnight shift
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    So the repair facility is in Mesquite not Dallas?
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    Each building has their own mechanics. I just said that I had never been to the Dallas building just because it worked out that way. A majority of our jobs (from Houston) went to Mesquite, because that was the main hub in Texas (used to be, anyway)
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    The "repair facility" for many years at my old center was laying on a creeper on a cold damp floor at all times of the year while the doors to the building were left open for the night sort/ car wash and line up. The mechanic also had to fight mosquitos in the summer. I honestly don't know how he put up with it but it did answer the question--why is our mechanic so grumpy?
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    So basically from what I gather you work hard and the hours are crappy but you get paid really well. I am the keep my head down and work type of guy. Would that type of attitude serve me well there? Or would I need to be a political wiz?
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    What times do the night shift begin and end?
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    Just wondering, why did you post in Cartage Services?

    Does that division have its own mechanics?

    Maybe you should move this to UPS Discussions main forum.
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    The feeder department works long hours. About the only time my department shut down was Sat morning-Sunday evening. There has to be a MOD anytime we are working in case something breaks or a road call happens. There are no "set" shifts like 8-5. The best time to work on package cars and correct write-ups on the DVIR is at night when they are all parked in the building.
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    Ok just signed up to day. Thanks!