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    How do you continue to leave a manager in charge of a feeder operation that continues to belittle his employees, driver and management alike? Refuses work and makes all the hubs around him bring in loads to us or come get loads from us because he doesn't want the work. Then when our top customer, Amazon, puts in new warehouses in Indiana and indy calls around for help with all the new volume he is allowed to be the only manager that refuses to help. He has lawsuits against him and the company out the wazoo and yet he is still allowed to cost the company money. What is wrong with you people down there in corporate??
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    I've heard about this guy. First class *****. Earth City, right?
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    you are saying things and accusatations that should be written in letters of corcern grievances and you have a 800 number to use. no you chose to hide and vent on this site. its a shame you have many tools that( company) has provided you with that you choose not to use. so enjoy your manager . A question did you see all of these law suits? did you see the other write ups on him/her how many did you put in ? or are you afraid to do it ? untill you make a move!!! try not to talk against him but you wont so lets all go to the next post this one is a (pantey waste.
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    That does sound like a load of bull, but I can't say it surprises me. When I was an air driver I had a direct supervisor who was the most conniving, dirty, backstabbing bitch I've ever worked for who also forced employees to bring lawsuits against the company as well as numerous grievances that the company usually lost, but they kept her in there and eventually just started moving her around.
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    We have books of grievances still waiting to be heard. The 800 number has been used and used plenty. We even had a lady from corporate HR come up a few years back to have a meeting with anyone who wanted to talk about the situation. Managers showed up to talk about it and they were demoted but he continues to be free to do whatever he wants. He cares about nothing but what makes him look good number wise and makes everyone around him look like :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Don't tell me we haven't tried the proper routes. We have. Trust me.
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    Corporate doesn't monitor this website :-)wink2:) but airing your dirty laundry here is a waste of time.

    Everyone in UPS has someone that they report to. This is the person you need to be focusing your efforts on, not corporate. If this person is unresponsive or indifferent go over his/her head. Keep going until you find someone who is not only willing to listen but is willing to follow through on your concerns.
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    1) Sleep with him

    2) File sexual harrassment charges and get him fired.
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    They don't fire them, just smack their wrists and send them to a new locale....think priests!
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    If its who I think it is (wink) he hates women, dosen't want them in "his" department
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    Just for fun google cedric howard vs UPS. Now that's some funny reading
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    That is some funny (insert bad word here). Haha
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    Love it when he says he doesn't pay you for this or that these are his trucks.
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    Could it be that he will never be fired because of his ethnicity?
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    7 years of this despicable human being as a boss is way too much. We have feeder drivers wanting to go back to pkg car just to get away from him.