Delivering To the Country Club.

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    It seems to me from experience, that country clubs are the most segregated, non diverse places in the USA. When I went to deliver to one, I kept looking for Thurston Howell III.

    Hey, they pay a high premium to belong to these clubs, they can do what they want. My guess its the same in other parts of the country.
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    Did you see Travis Tritt?

    Travis Tritt - Country Club (Official Video)
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    I thought the Travis Tritt video was a joke or spoof but it was serious, and I quickly turned it off and eliminated it from my mind.
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    i worked as a cart boy/attendent in high school at a big one here in town. it was the best job ever and i think it was minimum wage. they never counted beer OR golf ball inventory, so it had its perks.

    we use to do time trials driving out to the bathroom in the middle of the course to see who was the fastest on a golf cart.
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    Perks? Sounds more like stealing.

    I can hear it now. I used to work for UPS. Man, they handle all sorts of things, sterios, phones, Ipods, Video games. All of them perks when they weren't watching.

    Funny how some minds dont make the connection.:wink2:

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    I was 16-17, it was perks. besides, i felt like robin hood.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Those people at the Country Club I deliver to want to make three stops out of me. You need to drop that at the pro shop, that needs to go to the club office and no that can't go here, take it to the kitchen. Uh..Ma'am...You need to distribute it, you sign for one-you sign for all...buh-bye!
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    I hate delivering to Country Clubs. My impression of golfers are they are lazy sobs who think the world revolves around their golf shoes. From my experience the guys who run the pro shops act like they have a golf club shoved up their ahh hum. People get in your way, have no concept of parking and think those golfcarts have the right of way on the road. I usually have to walk packages longer distances because of people's stupidity in parking. I once had to wait for a signature for 3 or 4 minutes because the golfer needed to choose which of ten candy bars he wanted to buy while the bartender pretended I was invisible. On top of that all of us non-golfers get all the extra work on Thursdays so the ball swatters can go goof off. If I ever wanted to play golf I wouldn't know just to ensure I don't ever become part of that kind of clique. I'd loose any self-respect I have.
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    Here we go.:surprised:
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    That would only be the tip of the iceberg if I won the lottery. I would have to have a team of lawyers on my payroll keeping me out of trouble.:happy2::happy2::happy2::taz:
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    Copied and pasted to LP in your district.

    Good luck!:wink2:

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    YOUR FAULT !!!! YAH SHOULDAH WALKED OUT !!!! don't let these people walk over you!! You are bringing them a service,and they should show & treat you with respect!! Been there done that!! You'll get someones attention!! Good luck !!
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    STEALING IS STEALING !! have to agree with Dannyboy,,,, some one had to pay for that beer & golf balls now go to Mass & say 25 Hail Mary"s & sin no more!!
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    There are a lot of people that would agree up to a point.

    If I (meaning those other people) do it, its a perk. Anybody else but me doing it, its stealing.

    And under age as well.

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    That image is now burned in my mind when I see a post of salesguy in the future. LOL
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    Them damn Catolics sure have it easy:happy2: