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    To all interested parties,

    I am grievously concerned over a report that I have received.

    Integrity has received a report that there are UPS management employees that are directing their drivers to ignore the designated walk path methods and to walk across customer's lawns. There is no integrity in this.

    Allowing low level management employees to direct hourly employees to ignore the UPS designated walk path training cannot be tolerated. Allowing them to direct their hourly employees to ignore or violate any UPS training or work methods is an act that just cannot be tolerated. The Corporate Executives of UPS must not tolerate this type of low level management behavior.

    Once I have wrapped up my current issue, it is clear to me that this must be my next mission.

    In preparation for this mission:

    Have any of you ever been directed by a UPS management employee to ignore or violate any UPS training or method of any kind? Please share your story with me. If you are not comfortable sharing it in this forum, please PM me your story.

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    Most direct path--Point A to Point B.
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    Could be a while.
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    Designated walk path means stay ion designated walk way "yard" yard meaning the area around the UPS center. NOT the yard of the person that your delivering the package car to.

    I take the most direct and safe path from my car to the delivery location.
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    How is the designated walkpath to the point of delivery trained in your area?

    In the area that the report refers, it was stated to me that the trained delivery walkpath from the package car is the walkway to the point of delivery.

    The person stated that he was trained not to walk on customers lawns when a walkway to the point of delivery exists.

    He claims that individuals are being directed by UPS management employees to take a direct straight line to the delivery point even if a walkway exists.

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    If a walk way is in line with my direct path I will take it if not across the grass I go with SUP watching or not. I have never been told to stay on a walking path. I have been told and taught to scan my work area and make adjustments as conditions change.
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    I just checked the 340 methods and what you say is almost word for word.

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    Could be a really long time. So many windmills, so little time.
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    It seems to me the Integrity in the management ranks has improved over the last few years. Some of the things Supes used to tell us to do I don't think they could get away with anymore. The technology has made it hard to cheat for the driver and the boss and that's a good thing.
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    I'm sure plenty are still trying to cheat on both sides.
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    Across the grass unless you have a rider---- then you should take the sidewalk (especially if its one of those long curvy ones). Drives em crazy
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    I was told on my 3 day not to walk on the grass, but to use proper walkways.
    Safety first, don't want to break your ankle stepping in some hidden post hole!
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    We are trained NOT to walk on lawns AND when crossing the street to cross starting BEHIND pkg car and RETURN behind pkg car! :happy-very:
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    Scanning your path ahead should eliminate this.
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    I like the UPS driver that delivers to my house. If him walking on my lawn makes his job a tiny bit easier, I have no problem whatsoever with it.
    I realize the subject is "what are you trained to", but I walk on it more than anyone. Who cares? I think the Driver's know their Customers.
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    We are trained to cross starting behind the car, but you can go back either way. Something about visibility, when you're across the street from your PC you can be seen very well...

    Doing what the boss says eliminates it as well.

    Good point! I work in a hoity toity town where the [-]idiots[/-] err, rich homeowners don't want you walking on their lawn. Where I live, that's what the lawn is for!!!
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    If only Sancho Panza were of more help...:wink2: