dhl america is history.

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  1. Coldworld

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    boss said that dhl is closing up operations here in us and that ups and fedex have started plotting on getting much of the international outbound volume. Has anyone been pcmed about this. Also, I have read that fedex is not doing so well, but I still see them all over the place...especially the freight and now fedex national ltl...old watkins, but from the way upper mgt has been talking they are really hurting and someone even mentioned ups buying some of their operation....if the govt woulld permit. Does upper mgt know something about these things that they arent telling the rest of the crew?
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    MD 11 Domestic is fact

    I recently reported the rumor of the MD11 being used as the domestic workhorse. Unfortuntly it has been validated in the latest issue of THE DISPATCH. I am very concerned that this could undermine our service commitments to our US customers, the backbone of our storied company. These MD 11s are long range, high volume, high fuel usage, and maintenace hogs. They (ask FDX) are designed to fly FAR, FAR, not SDF-BOS, SDF-MSP, SDF-DSM etc, etc. It will be a challange for the Pilots, Airline mechanics, and Gateway teams to make this work.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Until we see credible reports of DHL going away and FDX having problems I wouldn't take what "upper management" is telling you. As far as I'm concerned they (FDX) maybe telling their employees the same about us. Besides with this down economy who is making any profit??
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    Been hearing this for a few months.I have been telling my customers that use DHl about it and a few have switched back to UPS.(good sales lead opportunity here) They don't wan't to be caught off guard and have to scramble to get an account set up.Also why would we buy any of their operation? The customers will come back for free.We have enough planes,trucks personal,etc to handle any volume.
  5. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    I know that fedex is using this to their advantage, just like they do when ups is in contract neg. I guess the thing about it is that nobody really knows how much fedex will be owing to the govt in back taxes, this could be in the high millions, not including the lawsuits that many states and the contractors are in. Then you have the whole teamster spin on things, it doesnt look good. Fred smith said that he would sellout or close up before the teamsters would take over....They are in debt, and that is one thing that ups has not had much of, so that is good, but not sure how the 6.1 billion plays into things because that isnt chump change!
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    Here in California, The Fed-Ex guys are :censored2:. Sense the lawsuit fed-ex has been treating them like crap. and now there telling the drivers that fed-ex can and will treat the drivers as "CONTRACTORS" . There telling drivers that they can't just own one route. If they own just one route there an employee, If they own two routs they are a "CONTARACTOR" WITH NO OVERTIME PAY OR BENIFITS. All drivers with one route have to purchase another route or leave the company.
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    I guess you dont del to walgreens there new package drop off center across the usa the teamsters are getting record numbers sign and dhl is making new contracts .yea there leaving. dhl dose not like fedx any more than ups dont worry about it .
  8. helenofcalifornia

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    OK, let me translate. Walgreens is the new drop off store for DHL. Teamsters are signing up DHL employees by the truckload. Fedex does not like this. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  9. helenofcalifornia

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    Rocket, what are we not worrying about? Do you think DHL is here for the long haul?
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    Thank's a idiot I'm sitting here trying to make sense out of that mess. And these people are out on the street doing sales leads???? WOW!!!!
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have been hearing about the demise of DHL for some time here and have been advised to submit sales leads for those accounts using DHL.
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    i was chalking it up 2 a dhl employee given us some input.. thanks for the translation

    as i posted a few days ago titled Lay offs...our center is laying off people ..they're also stating ups lost 7% while fedx gained8%... i agee with another poster, fedx is probably telling the same to their own..
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    I am sooooooo...... glad that I have enough seniority in this stinkin' economy!
  14. rocket man

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    yes dhl is here to stay they have been around a long time. there trucks use to be white and red go to kennedy air port and see there terminal . ask some people in calif how big they are. start worrying about ups
  15. helenofcalifornia

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    You mean DHL is not that big back East? We see those ketchup/mustard trucks all over the place.
  16. Jim Kemp

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    DHL uniforms look like the uniforms in the movie "Dodge ball"
  17. PassYouBy

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    Yea, and I believe you have to have your shirt tail out in order to work there!:happy2:
  18. xkingx

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    come on now, you know youre just envious of the loud music(lil wayne at that) you hear coming from the blown out speakers...all this while at a business stop... now thats how you gain customers

    and yes helen, theyre all over the east as well:0)
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    Also....Do DHL drivers have their cell phones glued to their ears? Are they required to wear their uniforms 4 sizes to big? Hell some of ours don't even wear their uniforms. Actually some of them look better than the ones that are wearing uniforms because the only time a uniform looks worse is when the uniforms don't fit and are being worn improperly.
  20. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member're right about wearing uniforms improperly.

    I saw a UPS driver (not ours) wearing the UPS hat backwards. I had an urge to go up and turn either the hat or the driver around. It looked rapper-silly!!