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  1. Coldworld

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    has anyone heard of dhl charging their pick up customers a fee for not shipping at least one pkg daily. There is an account that had been partially using dhl for 3 party shipping. I have been snagging most of "their" outbound pile and now they only get a few a week. The shipping guy told me that dhl charge them 50 dollars extra on their last bill for not shipping at least one a day. Anyone else hear this???I will be inquiring more about it from the shipping guys on monday.
  2. dhlsucks

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    im a driver for does charge extra for not shipping everyday.
  3. Coldworld

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    huh..interesting. Does dhl charge a weekly basic pickup charge like ups or fedex. I thought that if you had 5 or more packages dhl would pick them up for free. Or is this for non daily accts.
  4. Kaaska

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    DHL charges a flat weekly service fee of $8, whether a customer has 1 package or 500.