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    that shift key is going to suck with the numbers and letters being on the same button that it is on.

    I am taking that this story is also verifying that we are also going to have voice communication in the new diads also. That is going to suck.
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    There is no question that the "toggle" (not shift) for the numeric keys will be different.

    This has been tested extensively with many service providers and they did not have a problem.

    Remember, 60% of the fields are numeric only, and the DIAD will automatically change for those fields.

    Also, the DIAD will be loaded with all your packages. That will reduce the amount of keying you do by over 20%.

    It is capable of voice, but its not a cell phone. Its also not enabled initially.

    DIAD 4 is getting great press. One technology magazine called it "shock and awe".
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    My beef with the new device-According to one story, they will transmit our location in real time. I can see some supervisors sending harrassing messages to us if we take our full hour lunch break, and the scheduled breaks. I've had some say, "Lunch break, Lunch break, who needs a lunch break." Well if the company takes my personal time from me, I'm taking my breaks.

    Other than that complaint, I'm for new technology.
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    The new DIAD will have a GPS receiver and is capable of transmitting back your location should the company want to do so.

    However, the purpose of doing this is NOT to monitor you, but to aid you and provide better service to the customer.

    If a supervisor used the technology to harass you (especially as you've described by pressuring you to not take a break), lodge a complaint and have that supervisor disciplined.

    A log of the message is available, and you can use that to your advantage.

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    what fantasy world are you living in?
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    Why would you say its a fantasy. I happen to know more about this subject than the average bear.
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    I hear you rushfan, but from what I've read,guys like you and me have been around for a long time. It won't affect our lunch and break periods. But UPS will have the young guys running around like a bunch of scared rabbits.
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    Sending messages via the diad is a two way street, if there is somethng going on that shouldnt. NEVER EVER send a message that you dont want printed off and used against you later on. THat goes for management (you ought to know that allready) and esp. for hourly.

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    I'm not a driver but I held a Diad IV for the first time yesterday. Amazing what this thing will do for it's size but I was surprised at the weight. Don't get me wrong, it's not that bad and I'm sure it was the battery but as technology goes further this will get lighter and smaller as well and how long until voice commands replace key entry?

    Driver: "Wake Up Diad!"

    Diad: <font color="ff0000">"Whatz Up Dawg?

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    You're right about the weight, but...

    Its actually over 1 pound lighter than the DIAD III. The small size makes it seem so heavy.

    Those that have held it all day long say they can tell the reduced weight.

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    when are the folks that will actually have to use the diad each and every day (ad infinitum) going to see it?
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    Carry that thought one step further. If the preload cant get me loaded by 915, without scanning each package, but my start time is 850, how are they gonna load the info into the board in time for me to leave? And how are they gonna separate the stops? THey miss my stop counts by 15-25 or more each day the way it is. They missed it by 90 some one day[​IMG]

    Im all for making things better, and for the most part the changes over the last 10 years have been fairly positive.

    Except for the enpowerment years. It seems that that was the golden time for growth and business development. So why was it cut back and now totally out. It seems our center management team cant buy a roll of nonskid without going through 8-10 layers of managment. That cant be cost effective!


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    I don't think the system will be perfect but I think you'll find its a lot better than anything we've had before.
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    I think this is where PAS may come into play. PAS is about 2 to 3 weeks from going live in my facility and I'm waiting to see the results. I feel very positive about it because the Beta Test for PAS was also done at our facility and I not only got to know the folks behind it but also help with some modifications to the system and got some info about how it worked.

    Nothing is perfect for sure but as UPS uses more and more technology, things will get better as well as new problems may and will arise. Like you said so well about safety, it's important for all of us (and it's hard sometimes no doubt) to maintain an open and positive attitude and by being flexible and willing to make things better then the decision makers are more likely to take our feelings, concerns, suggestions to heart because they see we want everything to be successful too.
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    Does anyone know if there are any plans to upgrade the scanners used by part-time loaders? I've only been around for about 2 years, but the scanners seemed very old and outdated when I started. I'm guessing the design can't be more than 7 or 8 years old (since a few of the older part timers remember not using scanners) but that makes them ancient in terms of technology. Specifically, I've always wondered why they can't have a scanner system that will alert the loader if he is missorting a package? I don't think there is any technological hurdles to prevent this, the only thing I can think of is perhaps it would be much more expensive than I realize. Currently the scanners will only alert you if the load does not accept a certain service level. (e.g. next day air) There has been a focus in my hub over the past year to cut down missorts. When I first started, if you had a 1/1000 missort frequency you got pizza at break on friday. (BTW there seems to be a philosophy at my hub that if you give loaders enough pizza they will move mountains. Is this a local thing or nationwide?) Then it went to 1/2000. Then 1/2500. Now if you do not make 1/2500 you get a warning letter. Luckily I don't load anymore since I am usually sorting or unloading. When I did load, I was responsible for 2 trucks side by side, both of which go to different parts of the same state and have a LOT of exceptions. Needless to say I got more than my share of missorts. It also doesn't help that many of the SLIC numbers which are supposed to help you are incorrect and make missorts more likely. I think that this is a matter the company needs to look at. That fancy DIAD IV won't do much good if the package doesn't make it to the right city.
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    In answer to a couple of questions:

    As far as loading the board, wkmac is right. PAS will tell the preloader where to place each package (what car and where in the car). It will automatically count stops and provide information to DIAD so that the board is automatically loaded.

    This is running in many buildings right now. Gainesville Georgia was the test site for all this. Ask the drivers what they think. They actually made a video that went to the board about the project.

    Second, decisions on how DIAD IV will look and feel took into account what drivers thought. Many drivers and managers were interviewed and tested prototype units. They gave feedback on size, weight, keyboard, layout, etc.

    Certainly, 300,000 people can't be interviewed but UPS tried to get feedback from those that "will actually have to use the diad each and every day"

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    The answer to your scanner question is yes and the time frame is over the next year or so but don't quote me on this as far as the time frame is concerned. For some reason I just remember hearing that timeframe mentioned. The new scanners will use Blue Tooth and Wi-Fi Technology if I remember correctly meaning the scanner eye will communicate with a base unit via wireless meaning no more wires from eye to forearm unit and if I'm correct there is no forearm unit at all just a finger scanner eye. I think I even remember UPS releasing a public article on this process and the timeframe events for deployment.

    Two bold leaps I'm looking for and I believe both are possible before we know it. The first is a scanner that detects misloads which means if all packages are scanned and programming is correct, zero misloads are a guarantee but the 2nd bold step is the best in my opinion and that is package labels that communicate via wireless RF signal. Sounds way out there right? Not really. There is already a company that can produce glitter sized chips (talking small and very thin) that emit a radio signal that say can be programmed to emit a 1Z number for example but this chip has tons of other uses. As for cost the chips are about 10 for .01 cent. That's right 10 for a penny. Incorporate that into a data base with access measured in milli-seconds and the possibilities are endless especially in the sortation process. I'm not in any position to know but IMO when UPS sez Synchronizing Global Commerce I believe what they have in mind is far, far greater than just delivering a package from point A to B and this is where UPS has the potential to put itself into a world all it's own where there is no FedEx, DHL, etc.
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    Glitter sized chips....that is truly amazing. I think I see what you are talking about with the sorting process. With those chips, you could just set up a series of computer controlled diverters to sort the packages coming out of the unload eliminating the need for sorters and pickers. However if memory serves, it seems like I remember a clause in the contract stating that if technology replaces the job of teamsters, those teamsters would be responsible for using that technology, or something to that effect. (Is this correct?) If so, what work would there be for sorters and pickers? Breaking Jams? I'm not particulary concerned about this for myself since I plan on becoming a part-time supervisor (hopefully soon!) but that could really affect a lot of my friends on the sort aisle.
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    from the photo shown by "bigbrownone" the new DIAD IV looks like a real "nailbiter" for the user showing it off. hopefully that is just the beta test version.....[​IMG]