DIADS Something to consider!!!


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Are you serious? Really, you must be pulling our leg. Exchange of the DIAD is not part of the delivery methods?????

UPS drivers would look like total weirdos and really freak most of our customers out if we held the DIAD each time the customer signed for a package. Our customers are proffesionals. They are not 2-year olds that need the machine held for them?

Can I get some back up from fellow drivers that can testify that holding the DIAD while the customer signs is just plain stupid???

Its not part of mine brownie, but it is the proper method:cursing:
So while we tug back and forth who has power over the board.....
and they flip and reflip the board,, and hit the key for sig, and you have to redo, its all the same and when they sign it upside right you just say, thats Ok I can fix that, but bad design on the sig thing, right where :crying:everyone grabs it whether we hold it or not......
Im having more problems with people not knowing what first intial last name means, than how I hold or do not hold the board.:w00t:
And yes it is just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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brownie hound !!!!!!!!! i'm behind ya 100%%% give diad to the customer to sign it {unless they are real elderly ,ivalid or look like some freak from hell] then the experienced driver will know how to get signature without the consignee touching it at all!!!! what if I was holding the board for customer,and oh God it fell on their foot breaking the toe nail or toe, or just mentally scaring that person for life!!! would I be given a warning letter or :blushing:just fired i'm sure the emipire would try to find fault with me in some way !!!! lol lol lol lol GO SOX !!

I'm with Woodsy and Brownie.