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  1. Mdcar1

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    My husband has been the pm lead for the past 2 years. Finally a ops management position opened up. Out of the blue a guy shows up whose been on leave of absence for 90 days and is now displaced. Is it true that he gets the position automatically because he's displaced or is that for non-management only?
  2. MrFedEx

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    Yes. Employees who are in their final 90 days before termination get priority. It applies to both hourlies and management. Usually, the displaced person is fired, but sometimes a job they actually want opens-up as opposed to having to take a handler position in MEM just to stay with the company.

    Tell your husband to find a different company. He'll truly regret moving into management, especially now. Please believe me.
  3. CollegeGrad

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    Why? I get it is a mind numbing job now that all you do is make sure couriers hit numbers, and you no longer have any position to manage outside numbers. If you can get passed that, the pay isn't half bad from what i've seen online.
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    Check your spelling CG. Being a manager is very difficult these days, mainly because the new DRA-era courier is a sub-par employee who can't hit numbers, much less be proficient. You also are required to sell your soul to FedEx.
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    An OPS manager in reality is just a puppet for the upper management and Memphis. They can't even OK a light bulb being changed in the restroom without district approval.
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    Add in brutal hours and peers that will stab you in the back while smiling to your face.
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    Hey, you didn't get a VP signature for that roll of toilet paper!! That's about how bad it has gotten.
  8. Cactus

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    Had a manager try to interrogate me once saying "do you really need a roll of printer paper that badly?" Told him he and a handler could label all my p/u's that night.