District Realignment

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by OK4service, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. OK4service

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  2. Indecisi0n

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    All I know is that it has government approval.
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  3. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Just a turd

    Huge mistake.
    Ridiculous, simply ridiculous
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  4. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    i know they want to slim down the support functions into leaner units, put more people back into the ops

    ass backwards IMO, at least without a :censored2:load of investment into knowledge retention and training of which we have none

    drivers like to mock those support specialists that sit in an office and just keep docs up to date, but man without those people this place would be a chaotic hellhole
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  5. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

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  6. Ou812fu

    Ou812fu Polishing toilet bowls since 1966.

    I can remember thirty years ago without all the extra weight. This company had no problem with figuring things out. Every once and awhile you have to pull the extra feeders from the tit.
    Tsg/ ie were two parts of it that they concluded that were not pulling their value.
  7. UPSER1987

    UPSER1987 Active Member

    Too many people that have not done the job or worked in operations has put us in this position we are in now. Time to trim the fat back. When I see groups of people in a department walking down to get water, I know they don’t have enough to do
  8. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    meanwhile managers and ops sups struggle to do the job and you can’t connect the dots that there is no one to support them
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  9. drbrownsox

    drbrownsox Member

    I couldn’t agree more.
  10. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    Like it’s not now
  11. UPSER1987

    UPSER1987 Active Member

    Support functions offer zero support. I’m not sure what dots you are connecting. Everything for management is self service . Operation management teams are woefully understaffed. Move those folks in the offices to the operations and show them how to do it. These 1/40 management to hourly ratios are ridiculous. You can get a OMS to generate reports.
  12. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    you are literally proving my point

    stuffing more people into ops without specialized support functions just makes more problems not less
  13. UPSER1987

    UPSER1987 Active Member

    So are you saying we need more people in support function? I disagree. If anything, a support person can learn to do safety rides and get that off the operations to let the operators do the heavy lifting. No one wants or cares about silly numbers that aren’t value added.
  14. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    Easy now little fella

    That’s what this company was built on
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  15. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    have you ever worked in a support function or are you just making :censored2: up?

    TSG and IE staff doing safety rides? that’s a new level of LOL WAT
  16. Old Man Jingles

    Old Man Jingles Rat out of a cage

    You obviously believe in the 'jack-of-all-trades' type approach which was common at United Parcel Service. UPS restructuring utilizes the Specialist approach with increased accountability at all levels of the organization.

    When one restructures an organization, compartmentalization occurs with almost no Jacks and all Specialists.

    I have to agree with Tears on this one ... Staff are the Specialists and Operations is suppose to concentrate on the Execute/Control part of management while Staff specializes in Planning and Organization.

    Study the PLOC* (Planning Leading Organizing Controlling) theory of management which is the main management approach since the 1950's.
    Empowerment is consistent with PLOC as well but Unions block that as best they can.

    * The Leading is provided by Corporate management especially the Management Committee.
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  17. UPSER1987

    UPSER1987 Active Member

    You are missing my point. Those TSG and IE jobs become operators - permanently. Never again to walk in groups of 4 to go get water or become a ghost town at 4 pm and 3 pm on Friday’s. So they are operators are doing operations safety rides, just as an example. There are way too many chiefs and not even Indians to get the operations jobs done. Thin the herds by getting rid of non value based jobs.
  18. UPSER1987

    UPSER1987 Active Member

    And if you call support assigning more tasks to already overworked operations teams, please stop supporting.
  19. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    okay when they need to call a different building who maintains the contact list?
    when they need to promote, who is maintaining the org chart?
    who maintains the MOP’s so the ops know what to do if :censored2: goes south?

    i could literally go on for pages, do you think packages get to the package car by magic?
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  20. Ou812fu

    Ou812fu Polishing toilet bowls since 1966.

    You do realize 30 years ago there was a phone list without. What you call a support function. Come on guy. Quit trying to sell keeping your job. Gems forms are all in the same place they used to be, just on a different internet site.