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  1. dire2000

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    The article to file under for a fulltime supervisor moving people who doesn't want to be moved. The if you've been in your work area longer then 30 days it's yours.
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    I think if its not a skilled position they can move you all they want. If its a skilled, they can move you, but it is supposed to go by seniority. And also, you are supposed to keep your skilled pay and they can't move you as a way to discipline you.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Part-times are assigned to a shift, not a specific position, and can be moved as the operation needs dictate.
  4. PT Stewie

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    It is work as directed. Part timers do have a option ( in the master agreement) though based on seniority to put in for a preferred position or area. The 30 days stuff is not correct that is just for seniority. Seek out your steward for a local explaination and help.
  5. PiedmontSteward

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    This depends on the language in the supplements. Under our supplement, part-timers have seniority within the working group and management is required to re-assign employees by seniority.

    IE. PD1 is overstaffed and PD2 needs another loader, the FT supervisor has to move the most junior (or anyone who is late) person on PD1 to PD2.
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    I thought you could only be moved by seniority inside a specific work group.
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    Goes by seniority here.