DQ on day 2 for van across street backing into my truck on a turn.

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    Just so you know they don't like you and would have DQ'd you no matter what.

    If what you told us is actually true they were planning on axing you all along. The road test an qualification is really subjective. Some people get a slap on the wrist for rolling stops and others are dq'd that night upon bringing misses back to the building
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    I called my sup right away.
  3. 11.19igrad

    11.19igrad New Member

    exactly. I didnt think about the rouge part but that would be harder for the union to help me with... too late now anyway
  4. 11.19igrad

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    nobody likes anyone. thats why there are laws and unions. just because people like eachother to eachothers face means nothing.
  5. 11.19igrad

    11.19igrad New Member

    done and done.
  6. 11.19igrad

    11.19igrad New Member

    I was about 6-8 feet diagonally to the guys left across the street about 2 feet off the curb.
  7. 11.19igrad

    11.19igrad New Member

  8. Johney

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    Hope this helps.
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  9. BigUnionGuy

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    It does....

    Until someone backs in to you, during your qualification period.

    An (honest) lawyer can't do anything for you.

    At least you're not off the street.

    Here is your best chance;

    File a grievance protesting the disqualification and ask for the safety manager

    (not the safety committee) to review the situation.

    Do that.... and you have no chance.

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  10. OrioN

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    It's a 1 year suspension for the first offense at FXG, enough time for the driver to wise up and move on to greener pastures.

    DQ for life after a 2nd offense
  11. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    If that was the case....

    He would be looking at discharge, and not disqualification.
  12. Kanovic

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  13. Re-Raise

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    I feel for you. It is a stupid policy to blame us when the other driver is clearly at fault.

    I have been told many times that UPS judges avoidability not fault.

    Their intention is to make us more aware of every possibility, which is fine until it costs you your job.

    The same thing happened to me 26 yrs ago and it did make me more aware of the cars parked around me.

    It didn’t cost me my job and I haven’t had as much as a scratch on my pkg car since, so it doesn’t mean you will be an unsafe driver.

    I hope they give you another chance.
  14. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    He didn't report this accident immediately... he waited until he's rolling back to the center, for the sup to find that damage

    If he contacted the sup and said his vehicle was hit while parked, and Chinese driver left the scene without waiting for an accident report/ cop... then I can see getting his job back
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I was trained at Massman and the guy teaching the class was the safety manager for our district for a while. Or maybe he still is. Back then he was actually based in your building. If not then he/she is at Whites Creek. You should be able to get a quick answer. But I got to tell you if it’s the same guy he will probably not reverse that decision without a fight. If at all. You need to file a grievance if asking for another qualification period fails. That is the best advice anyone can give you. Don’t listen to all the negative Nancy’s on here. Your situation is not nearly as hopeless as they make it seem.
    LOL! A driver in my building did exactly that but only after letting the normal process play out. Apparently it worked. I remember our center manager was probably more frustrated than I’ve ever seen him when he was informed of that strategy. LOL
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    He said he contacted his supervisor immediately.
  17. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    Really.... ?

    Let me know, how that works out.
  18. 542thruNthru

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    You were in such a hurry to point that out you didn't notice @Johney did 2 hours before you.

    :censored2:. :)
  19. Air Recovery

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    Touche sir.
  20. OrioN

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    Where in the OP? He rolled into the center at 2100...