driver fired for leaving keys in van inside locked compound

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by irish brown, Jul 27, 2009.

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    a driver was recently fired for leaving his engine running whilst in a securely locked (ups subcontractors) compound. ups security followed the driver into the compound and the gate closed behind them and locked them both in. The driver was 12 feet from his van and still in sight of his van. he got back to his van before the ups security man got to him. the driver claimed the yard is secure and as they were in a yard owned by a ups sub contractor they were vetted by ups and the yard was deemed to be a ups yard. none of the vans in our own yard are locked and keys are always left in. our front gate doesn't even close! any help on similar situations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    What seems to be the point of firing is this:

    The driver left the van RUNNING! Locked gates or not, this is a hot button now for UPS. "Keys in" is not allowed here for saftey reasons. "Vehicle running" without driver being in control is not allowed here for safety reasons.

    Lately, too many people have been hurt or killed from running, keys in or just plain reckless moves, so the company is taking (I presumed it was company-wide) stance that no running, unattended vehicles or any with keys in that could be started and run by an unauthorized person.

    Now, is it enforced everywhere? Of course not. Here, (and again, I have to emphasize, HERE) warning letters, but no firings, have been given out for keys in. BUT, on the other side of the building, package cars, especially diesels, have been left running all night outside until they are brought in during the cold. I guess that OK! A 26,000 pound package car can't kill you, I guess.
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    What exactly is a UPS subcontractor's compound? Does UPS actually own this property? I don't know if it would make any difference or not since its wrong to leave a running vehicle unattended. Seems to me like a warning letter or suspension would be more appropriate if it was on actual UPS property. Was this driver in trouble for other things and this was just used to fire him?
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    sorry if i was a little unclear...

    A "Subcontractors compound" is the property belonging to the subcontractor who work for ups. The property isn't owned by ups. the drivers who go in there all see it as a "ups installation" as they were vetted by ups and certified secure before they are allowed to carry ups freight.

    The driver has a clean record of 10 years service. never even late for work. always came in over an hour early and was the first driver to volunteer for overtime and help the company.
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    If all that is accurate then he will probably get his job back at the local hearing. They don't really want to fire someone like that, they just want him to stop leaving his vehicle running when he's not in it.
  6. dannyboy

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    First off, it has been assumed that you are under union protection. I dont think so, but if I am wrong please clarify.

    Secondly, the driver was inside of a secure area where the drivers meet and pick up their deliveries?

    Leaving the keys in the car is a no no, and leaving the car running is even more so. But to fire the guy is a bit harsh.

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    when we do our yearly certification (might be yard control or w/e) it says that "i will not leave keys in any vehicle in the yard" then the standing rule is that our building leaves keys in all trucks during the week because it would be impossible for carwash carrying around 500 keys trying to move vehicles.

    another example of safety rules only applying when/where convenient (To management)
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    The driver has a clean record of 10 years service. never even late for work. always came in over an hour early and was the first driver to volunteer for overtime and help the company.

    Been there, seen that. The good ole "pat on the back kick in the ass"
    is SOP at ups. While he was wrong for key-in AND running vehicle, ups will sink a team player before they fire POS employee
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    Sounds like the guy is a great guy in every way but one. Someone who leaves the keys in a vehicle and leaves it running is a hazard.

    The guy knew the procedure and the consequence for not following the rules.

    We had a guy in Baltimore who left his keys in and the car running and someone stole his car.
  10. thelus

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    You really haven't worked for UPS until you've been fired once, or twice ,or maybe many times :happy-very:
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    Thats a totally different situation he was in a locked yard within 10 feet of his van their was no way somebody was going to touch it without him noticing it.
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    What if a driver hears a strange noise in the engine compartment that only is noticable while the engine is running. He stops in a safe spot, places the shifter in park, sets the emergency brake and exits the vehicle to see if there is any way to see where the noise is coming from or if there may be fluids escaping associated with the sound. A good example is a leaking water pump only exhibits signs when the engine is running. Is this an offense that warrants firing? Or is the rule not really black and white?
  13. MC4YOU2

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    Policy here is pretty clear and strict on this one too. I am curious as to whether it is standard procedure where you are with others doing the same route or all others, or just this one lone rebel.

    Also I know of one area where this is not hard policy is usually in feeders there are times when the driver is hooking, unhooking, pretripping, jacking trailers up or down when the engine is running and he is out of the cab.
    Hope that helps.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    The rules say the driver has to be touching the car at all times while the engine is running.
  15. TheDick

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    Too bad that wasnt his answer. Lawls
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    Thanks for the input. He's appealing but he and his centre manager don't hold much hope.

    Want a bombshell.....?



    pre loadres have less than 3 years service each.

  17. dannyboy

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    Darn, you Irish are a tough lot.

    The car running inside of the compound is one thing, out on the road is another.

    Out in the road, the rule is that you need to be in the seat for the car to be running. Out of the seat, the car gets cut off.

    In the center, we leave keys in the cars at all times, regardless of what is being done.

    It sounds like a really tough break.

    And I am assuming, you are not union?

  18. evilleace

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    The key is not that he left the keys in but that he left it RUNNING this is a big thing in my center right now.
  19. rocket man

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    sounds like poor peformance . poss suspension at max.
  20. MC4YOU2

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    Left foot blue, right knee green, chin on brown truck, sounds like the rules from "Twister" haha.